Screenshots and Extreme Lead Program reviews from customers in 2020 ( See More Recent Extreme Lead Program Reviews/Testimonials Here ):

  • 12/14/2020: I just used this server I’m renting plus the platform that comes with it to do a 30,000 bulk email campaign blast for a high ticket offer and within 24 hours received my first high ticket sale ever of $1600. Wow! 4 stars instead of 5 just because there’s a learning curve on learning how to use the platform, import leads/lists, etc. I don’t recommend this for complete newbie internet marketers, but for anyone with some online internet marketing experience and would like to try this, yes it works and it’s doable! Of course the type of list you use to send to is also very important for potential conversions.Let me also add here that ELP’s support system is top notch with quality support and always professional and helpful.!
    Thanks to the ELP team!

    REPLY: Thank you for the review. We do try to help with the learning curve of the platform by providing a ton of “How-To” videos to help users be able to use it effectively. We are also here to help with anything you can not figure out from those. Thank you again, we appreciate you and your business, Yelena!

    Extreme Lead Program Dedicated SMTP Server Bulk Email Campaign Review - Just made first ever high ticket sale

  • 12/14/2020: Ultimate Traffic Package Review – Great way to build your business:
    Extreme Lead Program - Ultimate Traffic Package Review - Great Way To Build Your Business
  • 12/3/2020: Things aren’t always perfect and we are only human. We always try to do things the right way. Here is a reply from a customer that we helped with a subscription: “Thank you so much for making this right! I do appreciate a company that does business the RIGHT way! Thanks again Ronny”
    Extreme Lead Program Review - Appreciate A Company That Does Business the Right Way
  • 11/22/2020: Always like doing business with your company. I will be using your services again.
    Extreme Lead Program Review - SMS Text Ad - Always like Doing Business With Your Company - Will Be Using Your Services Again
  • 11/22/2020: I can order with confidence when it comes to ELP. My list of subscribers has grown using the solo ads. If you’re looking to build a big list I highly recommend ELP.
    Extreme Lead Program Review - Solo Email Ad - Order with confidence - subscriber list has grown - highly recommend ELP
  • 11/22/2020: I purchased the smallest monthly package because I was told bulk solo ad providers are never any good that was a little over a month ago and I just upgraded my package because most of my sales like 80% of them came from my 45.00 packages. Very impressive I was pleasantly surprised. The lead conversion rate is way low but the sales definitely make up for it.
    Extreme Lead Program Review - Solo Email Ad Monthly - 80% Of Sales Came From It
  • 11/20/2020: The best kind of raw testimonial/review we love – “I Love Doing Business With These Guys” – right back at you, Troy:
    Extreme Lead Program Review - I Love Doing Business With These Guys
  • 11/14/2020: Our #1 Goal is to make sure our customers are happy and satisfied and to build a long term working relationship with them. Thank you, Shannon, we appreciate you and your business!
    Extreme Lead Program Review - Thank you for your great work and look forward to working with you in the future
  • 11/11/2020: Was done quickly and very well done. I’m impressed with their professionalism!
    Extreme Lead Program Opt-In Squeeze Page Review - Done Quickly and Well Done - Impressed
  • 11/8/2020: Great work. Easy to get things set up and great communication. Leads coming in like crazy and I love the tracking link setup.
    Extreme Lead Program Review - SMS Text Ad weekly - Great Work - Leads Coming In Like Crazy
  • 11/6/2020: I suspect some people see a text and don’t bother with it for days… weeks. Each week, each 1500 blast, more hits to the website, an increasing number of opt-ins, and many more than I expected have talked with me when I call them. I will continue to experiment with where I send them but so far, I am more than impressed.
    Extreme Lead Program Review - SMS Text ad Weekly - Increasing Opt-ins so far more than impressed
  • 11/2/2020: I’ve always been satisfied with the results. There’s some confusion during the ordering process. The ticket system used to track the order, results in multiple threads. This sometimes that makes it difficult to determine if they have received my acceptance of the ad copy. On my last order I accepted the order three times and it still showed “waiting for customer action” even though the ad was launched. I finally communicated with someone by text and got them to update the system.
    REPLY: We are always striving to make things with our processes and workflow better and will continue to do so. Thank you, Bill, we appreciate you and your business.
    Extreme Lead Program Review - Solo Email Ad - Always Satisfied With The Results
  • 10/29/2020: I order two times solo email adds excellent service from Mike and the team keep up the good work thank you
    Extreme Lead Program Solo Email Ad Review Excellent Service Good Work
  • 10/27/2020: Lots of opt ins so far and it’s only been about 2 weeks; keep them coming.
    Extreme Lead Program Solo Email Ad Review - Lots of opt-ins and it's only been about 2 weeks so far keep them coming
  • 10/24/2020: I ordered the 1 million solo ad package and am extremely pleased with the impressive influx of opt-ins so far even though it is still very early. I believe Extreme Ads offers a very effective advertising and lead generation platform and look forward to continue using their professional, cost-effective service in the future.
    Extreme Lead Program - 1 Million Solo Email Ad Package Review - Impressive Influx of opt-ins
  • 10/23/2020: It’s hard to beat the level of customer service Mike and his team offers at the Extreme Leads program. They service and products are top notch! Definite recommend!
    Extreme Lead Program - Dedicated SMTP Email Server Review - Definitely Recommend
  • 10/23/2020: I had a slow start, but I’m impressed with the follow up team in this company making sure my solo ad was placed. Mike went out of his way to make sure I received the information I needed. I have seen a trickle of new customers in my business everyday. I appreciate the perseverance in making sure my email and proper responses are received for business profitability. I’m thankful to find this company and the difference you are making for us networkers! Judy Schwab
    Extreme Lead Program - Solo Email Ad Review - Trickle Of Customers
  • 10/19/2020: Great customer service, I just purchased my package, no sales yet but feel confident it will be successful with what I have seen come through already. Thanks to Mike and the team for all your support and amazing customer service.
    Extreme Lead Program Review - Complete Lead Solution - Great Customer Service
  • 10/10/2020: I ordered 1 million package and the traffic is converting nicely already, great service and will likely become my number one source of traffic.
    ExtremeLeadProgram Review Of Solo Email Ad - Traffic is converting nicely
  • 10/9/2020: I spent $99.00 on a solo ad,it brought back $600. This is my first time trying a solo email ad with extreme lead program. Talking about return on investment. Now it’s time to scale and go big. I’ve tried many email blast,but these guys are the real deal. Thanks Mike
    Extreme Lead Program - Solo Email Ad Review - 600% ROI
  • 10/9/2020: Fantastic service!
    Extreme Lead Program Solo Email Ad Review Fantastic Service
  • 10/9/2020: Excellent service! Delivers excellent leads! If you haven’t tried it before – give it a try!
    Extreme Lead Program - SMS Text Ad Review - Excellent Service Excellent Leads - Give It A Try
  • 10/5/2020: leads worked very well:
    Extreme Lead Program Push Notification Marketing Review - Leads Worked Very Well
  • 10/4/2020: this company is fantastic and when I saw they offering that they currently have for push notifications I knew that it was the right time for me to sign up right away – and right away the system is working perfectly – thanks~ – WalterExtreme Lead Program - Push Notification Marketing Review - Company Is Fantastic - System is working perfectly
  • 10/3/2020: I’m getting a lot of traffic to my website. The solo ad is cost effective. Give them a try.
    Extreme Lead Program - Solo Email Ad Review - Getting Lots Of Traffic To My Website - Cost Effective - Give Them A Try
  • 9/30/2020: all is well. Leads coming in left & right now since I changed the URL. Appreciate your help & quick response.
    Extreme Lead Program - Solo Email Ad Review - All Is Well - Leads are coming in left and right
  • 9/29/2020: This is by far the best solo ad I have ever purchased….. Over 450 opt ins and it keeps on coming. Outstanding & Extremely Professional Service @nd to None!!
    Extreme Lead Program - Best Solo Ad I ever Purchased - over 450 opt-ins outstanding
  • 9/27/2020: The traffic I’m receiving from the 1,000,000 solo ad is crazy. Email marketing is still a powerful way to market to the masses. Thanks in advanceExtreme Lead Program Solo Email Ad Review Traffic Is Crazy Powerful Way To Market
  • 9/27/2020: Excellent service and fairly priced and a very good result.
    Extreme Lead Program - Review - Solo Email Ad - Excellent Service - Fairly Priced and a very good result
  • Glad your group is here to assist us. We have watched you grow into a valuable marketing partner. Thanks for the hands on support in such a high tech world:
    Extreme Lead Program Solo Email Ad Review - Great Marketing Partner
  • 9/23/2020: Love them i got 600 options and 4 sales will be using again maybe on a monthly basis:
    Extreme Lead Program - Solo Email Ad Review - Love Them Got 600 Opt-ins and 4 sales will be using again
  • 9/21/2020: Very efficient system that produces excellent results. No complaints whatsoever. Definitely on the “list” to do again!
    Love the service and the results! They know their stuff. Thank you!!
    Extreme Lead Program - SMS Text Ads Review - Very efficient System that Produces Excellent Results
  • 9/21/2020: I think this is my new favorite marketing tool! Excellent service and excellent results! This is definitely in my marketing plans moving forward! Thanks for the awesome service and results!
    Extreme Lead Program - Solo Email Ad Review - New Favorite Marketing Tool - Excellent Service and Excellent Results
  • 9/21/2020: Excellent service and excellent results! This is definitely in my marketing plans moving forward!
    Thanks for the awesome service and results!
    Extreme Lead Program - Contextual Ads Review - Excellent Service and Excellent Results
  • Yep, leads are starting to flow in steadily now. Super excited. Thank you for what you do!Extreme Lead Program - Solo Email Ad Review - Leads Are Starting To Flow In Steadily Now Thank You
  • 9/13/2020: Grest customer service. Ads are processed in a timely manner and the response rate is better than expected.
    Extreme Lead Program Review - Great Customer Service - Response rate better than expected
  • 9/11/2020: Amazing customer service. Loved how the ad looked. Waiting to see the results of 250k email:
    Extreme Lead Program Review - Amazing Customer Service - can't wait to see the results
  • 9/11/2020: So far I am very pleased with the results I’m seeing for both the solo email and contextual ad too!
    Extreme Lead Program Review - Pleased with solo email ad and contextual ad
  • I purchased 2 squeeze pages and I am very pleased with the results. Mike was very patient and professional and anytime i reached out to him he responded quickly.
    Extreme Lead Program Review - Purchased 2 Squeeze Pages - Very Pleased with the results
  • Extreme Lead Programs Solo Ads are very good:
    Extreme Lead Program Solo Ads Review Very Good
  • I bought this lead program because the reviews were good, and I am actually getting some optins, and some purchases. I’ll wait and see the end result, but so far all is positive, and if you have a question, someone is there to either help or to direct you in finding an answer. Thanks!ExtremeLeadProgram - SMS Text Ad Weekly - Review - Getting Optins And Some Purchases (sales)
  • 8/30/2020: Your traffic is great! I’m trying to develop a marketing plan to include more of your services. You are right! Your prices are lower than anyone on the internet! I get more bang for my buck! Thanks alot!
    Extreme Lead Program - Testimonial - Your Traffic is great
  • Hey Mike, Yeah, I submitted a direct link for our next campaign with you. So, keep up some good traffic and we’ll be buying everyday. Thanks man!Extreme Lead Program - Keep up some good traffic and we'll be buying everday
  • 8/27/2020: Hi Jeffry I do have another link, I’m at work at the moment i will send it later and thanks for checking to see that the link wasn’t working before you activated the link, you are awesome sir. I love this company.Extreme Lead Program Review - Great Customer Service - Thanks For Checking - You Are Awesome - love This Company
  • 8/24/2020: Always great doing business. Great Service.ExtremeLeadProgram Review - Always Great Doing Business - Great Service
  • 8/22/2020: Great service will use again!
  • 8/21/2020: Even though I’ve not yet put that group of traffic to work, the process of acquiring it Extremelead was easy . I would recommend this product to those who seek a similar type.ExtremeLeadProgram Review - Acquiring traffic was easy8/15/2020: I just signed up for the monthly subscription and I wanted to say Awesome!!
    Extreme Lead Program Solo Email Ad Monthly Subscription Review - Awesome!
  • 8/15/2020: Great customer service, can’t wait to see what the results are gonna be for the 250k package. Thanks again, Willie
    Extreme Lead Program Review - Great Customer Service - Can't Wait To See Results
  • 8/15/2020: good job mike
    Extreme Lead Program Contextual Advertising Review - Good Job Mike
  • 8/13/2020: Great people and great service.
    Extreme Lead Program Review - Great People and great service
  • 8/13/2020: Great Service!
    Extreme Lead Program Review - Great Service!
  • 8/9/2020: First time user. So far getting a lot of clicks, customer service is great and expect to see sales from this current campaign.
    Extreme Lead Program - First Time User - Getting Clicks - Expect Sales
  • 8/8/2020: Awesome company. Very nice and very fast service. They know how to treat customers great.
    Extreme Lead Program - Awesome Company - Nice Fast Service - Know how to treat customers great
  • 8/7/2020: The Heavy Hitter SMS Text Ad Marketing (150,000) was one of the best investments I have ever made in 20+ years of marketing. My cost per lead of opt-ins to my Squeeze Page was one of the lowest costs I have ever achieved, especially for quality leads. I am very happy with this campaign and will be running it regularly and having my team use it as well. Thank you Mike and the team at ExtremeLeadProgram. You make growing a business fun and easy.Extreme Lead Program - Heavy Hitter SMS Text Ad Marketing - Best Investment Ever Made - Low Cost Quality Leads
  • 7/29/2020: Okay thanks, Mike. That is helpful info. T
    That has been a really successful campaign. I am really impressed with the ROI.
    Extreme Lead Program Heavy Hitter SMS Text Ad - Really Successful Campaign - Really Impressed with the ROI
  • 7/27/2020: The team is a pleasure to work with! Great communication. I finally have opt-ins to my landing page. Thanks, for your service.
    Extreme Lead Program Contextual Ad Review - Team is a pleasure to work with - finally getting opt-ins
  • 7/27/2020: I am about four days in on my second sms text campaign and once again the results are excellent.
    I received 27% opt ins each, for both campaigns thus far.
    Sign ups are at 9% of those opt ins so far.
    I have been buying e mail campaigns from Mike for about 2 + years now and
    I will be continuing for years to come.
    Extreme Lead Program SMS Text Ad Review - Results Are Excellent - Getting optins and signups
  • 7/23/2020: Excellent service and in my opinion absolutely better than Udimi Solo Ads…
    I ordered 1 Solo Email Ad with blast to 1M + 1M bonus for $99 and I got 400+ opt ins. I’m hoping these will covert into sales. Highly recommended and would definitely reorder!!! Thanks
    Extreme Lead Program Solo Ad - Better than UDIMI Solo Ads - convert to sales - will reorder
  • 7/17/2020: Great Service with great results
    Extreme Lead Program SMS Text Ad - Great Service With Great Results
  • 7/17/2020: Great service, lots of value for the money that I spent, will use again.
    Extreme Lead Program Solo Email Ad Review - Great Service - Lots of value for the money I spent - will use again
  • 7/14/2020: The Small Heavy Hitter Solo-ad give a steady stream of opt-in 100 each day. Great work guys.
    Extreme Lead Program - Heavy Hitter Solo Ad - Give Steady Stream of 100 Opt-ins each day
  • 7/13/2020: They have the best solo ads. I build a list of over 1500 people use there solo ads and the people on the list are very responsive
    Extreme Lead Program Has The Best Solo Ads - List is very responsive
  • 7/11/2020: I was waiting for all the numbers to come back before leaving a review. Now that they have, I can say with confidence that in the 9 years since I’ve started marketing online, this is the single greatest advertising service I’ve ever invested in. Please take the rest of my money
    Extreme Lead Program - SMS Text Ad - Single Greatest Advertising Service Ever
  • 7/6/2020: Pretty good so far my Aweber app is alerting me all day long since about the second day so as long as they are quality optin’s I’m extremely happy!!
    ExtremeLeadProgram Solo Ad Review Aweber App alerting me all day quality optins
  • 7/4/2020: About 200 opt-ins so far and not even halfway through My 5Mil. campaign!!! Looking forward to some sales!
    Solo Ad Review - 200 optins so far - looking forward to some sales
  • 7/3/2020: You deserve more than 5 stars. Your service is excellent and the list of people joining our company keeps on adding up day-by-day. I think that the Note you added as a cover page for my Landing Page Ad helped tremendously. How many leads would 500k Blasts bring? I will tell you in August 2020.
    I have another project which I need to publicize and I would require your excellent service again. I will contact you when I’m ready. Many thanks.
    ExtremeLeadProgram Solo Email Ad Review - Deserve More Than 5 Stars - People Are Joining My Company Daily
  • 7/2/2020: Paid $44 got 360 optins thanks, guys!
    SMS Text Ads Monthly Review - Paid $44 Got 360 opt-ins - thanks guys
  • 7/1/2020: Great Text Blast, many opt ins !
    Extreme Lead Program SMS Text Ad Review - Great Blast Many Optins
  • 6/28/2020: Medium response for my offer but still generating leads and new members ..
    Extreme Lead Program - Contextual Ad Review - Medium Response but still generating leads and new members
  • 6/28/2020: My first solo ad – I can say that I have a good run 20% op-tin rate hundreds of leads .. will be back for more
    Extreme Lead Program - First solo ad review - 20% opt-in rate - hundreds of leads - will be back for more
  • 6/27/2020: Follow-up messages looks good. Tested them out and they are working as expected.
    Extreme Lead Program Review - follow-up messages look good and work as expected
  • 6/27/2020: My landing page was done quickly and professionally. Hopefully it will get me plenty of leads. Thanks
    Extreme Lead Program Review - Landing page was done quickly and professionally - hopefully it will get me plenty of leads
  • 6/27/2020: Holy cash cow batman!!! I placed an order 3 weeks ago & i have been getting lots of leads & signups each & every day. Made a very small commission from a lead who bought something from our global shopping mall. But it was not a residual commission. Plus a lead from a foreign country tried to call me. But i was not home at the time.
    Extreme Lead Program Review - Holy Cash Cow Batman - Leads and Signups Every Day - Made A Comission
  • 6/25/2020: I got the monthly subscription just two days ago.and im watching the optins keep coming..nice!!!.
    Extreme Lead Program - Monthly Solo Ad Subscription Review - Optins Keep Coming - Nice
  • 6/22/2020: I am satisfied with the service got alot of hits willuse it again.
    I am very satisfied with the Extreme Lead Program SMS Text Ads
  • 6/18/2020: I am pleasantly surprised with the results in only 2-days — 519 hits & 39 leads! Never had that happen before! They did a nice solo ad copy too which I have adapted for other campaigns.
    Extreme Lead Program Review - 519 hits and 39 leads so far - pleasantly surprised with the results
  • 6/15/2020: I ordered the $44.95 monthly. Leads are coming in nicely! No complaints here. Thanks!
    Extreme Lead Program - Contextual Advertising Monthly - Review - Leads Are Coming In Nicely - No Complaints Here
  • 6/13/2020: Unexpected 250+ opt-ins. I don’t have the exact number because my website only allow 250 contact in the list. It was a great experience, and I will return to get more solo ads.
    Thank you
    Extreme Lead Program - Solo Email Ad Monthly Subscription Review - 250+ Optins - great Experience
  • 6/13/2020: AWESOME, received over half of my 1,000 hits in the first 4 days. Great job!!!
    Extreme Lead Program Review - Contextual Ads - Awesome
  • 6/12/2020: Great service! This company delivers, I will order from them again.
    Extreme Lead Program - Solo Email Ad Review - Great Service - This Company Delivers - Will Order Again
  • 6/11/2020: Extreme Leads are awesome!! I got a lot of opt-ins! I Totally recommend it to everyone.! I appreciate you guys keep up the good work!
    Extreme Leads Are Awesome - I Got a lot of opt-ins - totally recommend it to everyone
  • 6/11/2020: Customer pauses a subscription because he wasn’t expecting this much response – well we will try to help him manage all of those responses:
    Extreme Lead Program Review - 250 Opt-Ins Already - Not Expecting This Much Response
  • 6/10/2020: This is great a traffic source. Quality opt-in leads. Fast service and response time from the company.
    Extreme Lead Program Monthly Solo Email Ad Review - Great Traffic Source - Quality Opt-ins
  • 6/10/2020: I am very satisfied with the service here.I am constantly hearing ping s on my phone.Someone is looking at my landing page.The prize is right also.I am spreading the word.I am ready for my next order Thank you Mike.
    Extreme Lead Program SMS Text Ad Review - Very Satisfied With Service
  • 6/10/2020: I agree with the other three reviews the price and what you get cannot be beat. However, working through the website is confusing and very difficult.
    Extreme Lead Program Review - Price Cannot Be Beat

    * Thank you for the feedback. We plan to look into making the website more user friendly down the road.

  • 6/9/2020: Hello, my name is Ronald Lentz I reside. in Winston-Salem, NC I have been a long standing customer of Extremeleadsprogram now for 2 years. Wow what can I say the support is second to none. The Team of Mike and Jeffy, help with taking care of all customers, who come in every day a day is another bonus our serious customers get. Thanks, Mike and Jeffy, for all you do.
    – Ronald Lentz
    Extreme Lead Program - Solo Ad Review - Long Standing Customer For Two Years
  • 6/7/2020: My first order with ELP I made 140% return on investment. Mike and ELP are AMAZING. I have been buying media for years and I have never had this type of service before. If your here for Lead GEN or CPA then this is the game changer. Kudos to you mike! Keep up the great quality!
    Extreme Leads Program Review - 140% ROI - Game Changer
  • 6/5/2020: I will definitely buy more traffic.
    Highly recommended!Solo Email Ad Review/Testimonial - I Will Definitely Buy More Traffic - Highly Recommended
  • 6/3/2020: We love it when our customers get sales – that is the most important thing for them after all. Here is what a customer just text into us to say: Mike & Jeffry, I made a sale so I have decided to keep the 150,000 monthly SMS program to continue running. Will I be billed 997 on June 10th since you started it over on May 11? Also wanted to make sure that we would not be sending to any of the leads that have received it before? Thanks! Joe
    Extreme Lead Program - SMS Text Ad Review - Made A Sale
  • 6/2/2020: This customer asked if our end of May special was still running. I told him it wasn’t but if he ordered now I would honor the special for him and here was his reply: Ok I’ll order it today! Thankyou mike! Yeah cuz this is the best traffic I’ve ever seen in my whole experience being a marketer for real
    Extreme Lead Program Solo Ad Traffic Review - Best Traffic Ever
  • 6/1/2020: I’ve been using Mike’s Extreme Lead program for a couple of years and have always been impressed with their professionalism and integrity. Their prices are very good and their ad copy design service is well worth the money.
    Been Using Extreme Lead Program For Years Always Impressed
  • 6/1/2020: Just a follow-up to my May 15th post I now have over 500 opt ins in my email service provider and some sales from those as well. A+ company
    Solo Ad Monthly Review - Followup - 500 Opt-ins - A+ Company
  • 5/28/2020: I have been very pleased with my results. I purchased the none-time 1M Solo Ad and received 564 hits and 75 new opt-ins.
    I haven’t seen any sales yet but have a sequence of emails setup to follow up and hope to convert some sales.
    I hope to try the SMS text program soon.
    Extreme Lead Program - Solo Email Ad Review - Very Pleased With My Results
  • 5/25/2020:1.- On April 30th I placed a order for 1M emails, got 1,548 clicks and
    370 opt ins, one sale so far.
    2.- On May 8th-effective on May 22th I placed another order for 1M emails plus 1M emails as
    bonus, currently got 372 hits, waiting for more.

    I’m happy with the results will keep ordering.
    Extreme Lead Program - Solo Email Ad - One Sale So Far

  • 5/22/2020: Great service. I use solo ads and text. I will be ordering once a week. I recommended Extreme Leads Program.
    Solo Email Ad - I Recommend Extreme Leads Program
  • 5/22/2020: I’m pleased with this, had 703 hits and 166 that took a look at my business opportunity. Will probably give it a go again soon.
    Extreme Lead Program Monthly Solo Ad - Pleased Will Do Again
  • I have been dealing with Extreme Leads for a number of years now. I have an autoresponder, a text responder, and have used almost all of the lead gen available, depending on what I was doing. He has helped me from everything from an online college blog to high ticket businesses I have been in. He is always extremely helpful and will do whatever is needed to make sure that we are getting the best results. I appreciate that and appreciate my association with Extreme Leads. He is more of a partner rather than a lead broker. Thanks, guys and I hope it keeps going for many more years.
    Extreme Lead Program - Review - More Of A Partner
  • 5/21/2020: The reason why I use Extreme Lead Program because it works and they cater to the little marketer and the heavy hitters Extreme Lead Program have several marketing platforms you can work with along with your budget I highly recommend this company 5 Star support team.
    Why Work With Extreme Lead Program
  • 5/20/2020: This is the 3rd ad I have purchased from the extreme lead program.
    They have over delivered every single time.
    I Ordered 250 clicks at $44.95 monthly I received 419 hits 51 optins across 6 days.
    Here is a recording of the proof across the 3 traffic sources
    Will be testing a new offer.
    Thanks Guys
    Extreme Lead Program Over Delivers Every Time
  • 5/18/2020: Half of 2000 clicks delivered, still over 10% opt-in. Keep up the good work, thanks
    Solo Email Ad - 10% Optin Rate - Keep Up the Good Work
  • 5/18/2020: Your sms marketing is very cost effective I recommend it to everyone.
    SMS Marketing - Very Cost effective - Recommend It To Everyone
  • 5/18/2020: WOW,Mike and his team went above and beyond with amazing customer service.Received 3 optins in LESS than 24hrs.Cannot wait til the next campaign.Great Job,and will be reordering soon.
    SMS Text Ad - Amazing Customer Service - Will Reorder Soon
  • 5/15/2020: So far so good! I already have 41 opt-ins and things have only been up and running for 3 days !
    Solo Email Ad Monthly Subscription So Far So Good
  • 5/13/20202: Get leads daily. Good service but can’t get them to reflect that i have a subscription. Lol hard to manage a subscription when they insist you don’t have one. But they keep taking my money and keep sending me leads so there service is mostly good.NOTE: Lyndon, look at my reply on 5/10/2020 to Ticket ID: #7462. Your order/subscription is under a different email address ( account ) than the one you are emailing from. Reply to that ticket if you want us to move it for you 🙂Extreme Lead Program Solo Email Ad Weekly Review Get Leads Daily
  • 5/11/2020: great products, very easy people to deal with
    Extreme Lead Program Review - Great Products - Very Easy People To Deal With
  • 5/8/2020: these guys did a wonderful job from support to making sure my campaign was sent without any was awesome.thank you mike and Jeffery.
    ill be back soon for another solo ad campaign
    Extreme Lead Program Review - Solo Email Ad Monthly - Wonderful-Job
  • 5/8/2020: I love these guys. My name is Lady M. I love the teamwork that they have. And the compassion it’s not about money it’s about helping people get to the top.
    ELP Solo Ad Monthly - Review - Love These Guys TeamWork
  • 5/7/2020: The Complete Lead Solution service was outstanding! It connected me with people who were interested in learning more about my business which resulted in sales. Mike and his team members were very timely in their response, courteous, and easy to work with. I will order again!
    ELP Complete Lead Solution - Review - Service Was Outstanding
  • 5/5/2020: This is an awesome service real traffic, I did my first monthly subscription in the make money niche and got 155 opt-ins out of 800 clicks in which I was only guaranteed 250 clicks that is awesome no sale’s just yet ,but that’s on me I had no follow up but next time I will.
    And just a little too cause it makes all the difference use a landing page you want regret it, thanks E.L.P .
    ELP Review - Solo Ad Monthly - Awesome Service - Real Traffic
  • 5/4/2020: I was so impressed after my previous orders and the number of leads I received that I was motivated to purchase 1,000 clicks a few days ago. I always look forward to receiving notification from my company’s lead capture page system. Thanks to the Extreme Lead Program. I am now ready to introduce this program to all the members of my team.
    Contextual Ad Review - So Impressed
  • 4/30/2020: Hey Mike, I saw your email about the chick who closed the $11K deal using your leads. That’s great! Well… Guess what Bro? I’ve now tracked not one, not two, but rather THREE sales to the SMS Text Marketing package I got from you. All told, so far I’m up $500 X 3 (one-time sale) + $56 monthly commission X 3 hopefully forever. And now there will no doubt be referrals that come from these folks. I’m pretty happy Bro! I spent a measley $45 bucks with you and got back $1,500 Plus ongoing monthly cash. BEAUTIFUL!! Oh yeah, if you want to use this as a testimonial, by all means, do so!
    ELP SMS Text Ad Review - Made $1,500+ On $45 Ad Spend
  • 4/30/2020: I purchased 500 clicks to my business and I am absolutely blown away. I got over 100 leads from people filling in my capture page and 5 sign ups from those leads, and I am still getting people filling out my capture page.
    This is by far the best advertising site I have ever used and the best value for money.
    I highly recommend Extreme Lead Program.
    ELP Contextual Advertising Review - Best Site Ever
  • 4/29/2020: Love this service the SMS marketing response are crazy. Your prices are better than everyone today!
    Extreme Lead Program SMS Text Ad Review - Responses Are Crazy - Best Prices Around
  • 4/29/2020: This is my first experience with Extremeleads. So far the solo ad is delivering as promised. I am looking forward to utilizing other programs with extreme leads. Very excited. Thank you.
    Extreme Leads Review Solo Ad Is Delivering As Promised
  • 4/27/2020: Final review of the $44.95 per month SMS Text Ad review 419 hits, 61 optins 14.56% conversion rate.
    Extreme Lead Program SMS Monthly Subscription Review 419 hits 61 optins
  • 4/27/2020: Love this service the sms marketing response are crazy. Your prices are better than everyone. I’m receiving leads like everyday!!
    SMS Marketing Responses are crazy - receiving leads everyday
  • 4/27/2020: Thanks Mike & Jeffrey
    601 hits
    75 leads
    12.48 % opt in rateMonthly Solo Ad Subscription Review 601 Hits 75 leads
  • 4/26/2020: You guys are great to do business with. Out of 250 clicks to my landing page, I’m getting quite a few people who are signing in to my capture page and opting in. Still have more clicks to go.
    Good response!Extreme lead Program Contextual Ads Review Getting Opt Ins
  • 4/24/2020: I am happy with the results from the solo ad. Over a 100 leads this week I will be buying agin soon.
    Extreme Lead Program Solo Ad Review - Happy With Results So Far Over 100 Leads This Week
  • 4/23/2020: We are “Great guys to work with”:
    Extreme Lead Program Review - Great Guys To Work With
  • 4/23/2020: “This is a phenomenal team. Very responsive. Campaigns are on point.”:
    This is a phenomenal team. Very responsive. Campaigns are on point.
  • 4/22/2020: Update of the previous review – just letting us know she got more traffic and leads from her SMS Campaign bringing her lead cost under $1:SMS Text Ad Monthly Review Update - Leads For Less Than $1
  • 4/18/2020: This customer is reviewing our SMS Text Ad Monthly Package. States she is getting opt-ins daily and states to be a bit patient and it will deliver great results:
    Extreme Lead Program SMS Text Ad Monthly Review - Delivers Great Results
  • 4/13/2020: This customer is getting a good amount of optins from his Solo Email Ad and is happy with the results so far:
    Extreme Lead Program Review - Getting Good Amount of Optins - Happy With the Results so far
  • 4/10/2020: We always appreciate our loyal recurring customers:
    Extreme Lead Program Review - Excellent As Always
  • 4/10/2020: We always try to over-deliver. This customer purchased 250 contextual ads clicks and we’ve delivered roughly 500 so far:
    Contextual Ad Clicks Over Delivery
  • 4/7/2020: This happy customer has received 165 leads so far. No sales yet, but he realizes the importance of the role his automated follow-up emails are to get him sales. He states that he will be buying more soon for a different product to promote. He also states that: Extreme Lead Program did a great job I found my #1 platform to get my traffic!!
    ELP Solo Ads Review 165 Leads
  • 4/7/2020: Extreme Lead Program Review – Great Customer Support Service:
    Extreme Lead Program Review - Great Customer Support Service
  • 3/19/2020: We pride ourselves on good customer service – this customer states that the Extreme Lead Program Customer Support Has been excellent.
    Extreme Lead Program Customer Service Has Been Excellent
  • 3/19/2020: Had a great run with you guys, about to purchase again. Is there much difference between, business opportunity, and make money in the category targeting drop down?
    ExtremeLeadProgram review - great solo ad run - about to purchase againANSWER: There is a lot of overlap in those categories. If you are in doubt, you can contact us and we will help. However, choosing the default should be just fine and we also make sure to get each link in the proper spots regardless of what you choose as well (if what you choose doesn’t seem right).
  • 3/18/2020: I am really happy that extremeleadprogram responds really fast with any questions i may have and i never have to wait a long time to have my questions or issues addressed so i give them thumbs up!
    ExtremeLeadProgram responds really fast thumbs up
  • 3/9/2020: Received an unsolicted text from a customer who purchased our Small Heavy Hitter Solo Email Ad Campaign Monthly package. He was expressing his gratitude for the help we provided in fixing a URL issue and thanking us in general. We strive to always provide the best help to our customers:
    Review of Small Heavy Hitter Solo Email Ad Campaign
  • 3/9/2020: Offline message from a customer that wants to upgrade his 3M Monthly Solo Email Ad Blast to the 5M Monthly Solo Email Ad Package. He says we are awesome and thanks us for being a solid company:
    Upgrade Solo Email Ad Monthly Blast Package
  • 3/5/2020: This client is replying to a promotional email we sent to him but states that he made 3 sales for $16,500 total which is absolutely amazing! These are the kinds of unsolicited testimonials that we love to receive:
    ExtremeLeadProgram solo email ad review - made 3 sales for $16,500 total
  • 3/3/2020: Review of The Extreme Lead Program Solo Email Ad. Customer states this is crazy in a good way. He says he’s got 177 leads so far but the most important thing is that he’s got 2 sales so far. He says the leads are continuing to come in and that if you are thinking about buying traffic from Extreme Lead Program you won’t be disappointed:
    Extreme Lead Program Review Solo Email Ad 177 Leads 2 Sales
  • 2/27/2020: Review of the Extreme Lead Program services SMS Marketing and Ringless Voicemail Drops. Customer states he loves both of those services and the responses from them are crazy. Also mentions that our pricing is better than everyone as well:
    Extreme Lead Program Review Loves SMS Marketing and Ringless Voicemail Service Responses are crazy
  • 2/25/2020: Review of Extreme Lead Programs Monthly Solo Email Ad Subscription – Awesome customer service when a customer forgot to enter his website link on the order form:
    Extreme Lead Program Review Of Monthly Solo Email Ad Subscription Awesome Customer Service
  • 2/24/2020: Review of Extreme Lead Programs Solo Email Ads – Says she’s used them over and over with a lot of optins:
    Extreme Lead Program Review - Solo Email Ads - Used Over And Over With Lots Of Opt Ins
  • 2/20/2020: Happy with our one-time SMS Text Ad and is going to go to our Weekly SMS Text Ad Marketing Service. Asking to make sure ad design is included and yes, it is included 100% with either of those products:
    Get Started On Weekly SMS Text Ad Marketing
  • 2/12/2020: Review of the Extreme Lead Program Solo Email Ads. Customer is upgradding his monthy Solo Email Ad Subscription from 1M/Mth to 3M/Mth. He says we Rock and thanks us for having a Great Service:
    Extreme Lead Program Review - You Guys Rock
  • 2/10/2020: Excellent Communication and Customer Service:Excellent Communication and customer service
  • 2/7/2020 : Here is a review of a Solo Email Ad where the customer received over 2500 clicks and 350 opt-in subscribers. She says it’s worth every penny and you will not be disappointed:
    Solo Ad Worth Every Penny 2500 Clicks 350 Subscribers Opt-Ins
  • 1/25/2020: Mike is a good guy:Mike From Extreme Lead Program is a good guy
  • 1/20/2020: Results on Extreme Lead Program Solo Email Ad Are great:Results on Extreme Lead Program Solo Ad Are Great
  • 1/7/2020: Got 125 subscribers in one week from a solo email ad:
    125 subscribers in just 1 week from solo email ad

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