Get a nearly unlimited amount of laser-targeted prospects sent directly to your landing page.

Contextual Advertising or Display Advertising is essentially Pay Per Click advertising made very easy.  Take the hassle out of finding high-quality traffic and buying expensive clicks and simplify your business building.

How it works:
We post contextual or display ads throughout different proprietary ad networks to generate traffic directly to your landing page.  NEW: We now use 100% custom ads unique to your landing page/offer.

What are Contextual Prospects?
A contextual prospect is a self-motivated prospect who is actively searching for a product/service online and browsing websites related to the categories you choose. Our research suggests that Contextual Prospects tend to have leadership qualities, self-motivation, and a hunger to succeed. These prospects typically turn out to be your best customers and biggest downline builders (for the MLM and Business Opportunity categories)!

How do you generate contextual prospects?
A person searching for something in the category you choose will be browsing websites related to that category when they are shown your advertisement. If the prospect clicks on the advertisement, he/she is sent to your website and that counts as one click or contextual prospect. Keep in mind when a prospect goes to your website we do not collect any personal information from the prospect and that is why it is recommended that you use an opt-in landing page designed to collect that user’s information in exchange for your offer.

Example Ads We May Use In The Business Opportunity Niche:

Superb Home Business Opportunity Sample Contextual Ad

Here is an example of what a more traditional old-school banner ad may look like:

contextual banner ad example

NEW: Now we will design a 100% custom and unique ad for your landing page and offer. This ensures the prospects are even more interested in your offer. Simply provide your landing page URL in the “additional comments” area of the checkout page and then look for an “order note” email with ad copy for review/approval.

Will Contextual Prospects service work for me?
As will all marketing, results vary and we cannot guarantee success. That said, contextual prospects typically work best when there is a call to action to the prospects visiting your website. We always recommend using a high-quality opt-in squeeze page. To get started simply choose the proper package below: You can test out the service with a one-time purchase or set up a weekly (recommended) or monthly subscription to lower your click costs.

Start Getting Laser-Targeted Prospects To Your Landing Page/Offer Now:


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