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Get laser-targeted prospects sent directly to your landing page. This product is a one-time purchase only it does not re-occur.

Read The Full Description Of Our Contextual Ads Here.

  1. Choose the number of clicks to receive to your website/landing page.
  2. Choose the category that best matches your website/landing page. If you do not see one that matches, choose the custom category and we will get it in the proper niche.
  3. Click the “Buy Now” button.
  4. Enter your Website URL in the “additional comments” area of the final checkout page.
  5. Look for an “order note” email. We will contact you if you need anything else.
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35 reviews for Contextual Advertising

  1. Paul Fleming

    Good service

  2. Chelsey Tilk

    The support you guys provide is always so quick, easy and helpful.

  3. Garfield Krider Jr (verified owner)

    You guys always do great work.

  4. Thomas Rutledge (verified owner)

    I bought the 100 click package as a test. The package sent 261 to my link and I have 52 new opt-ins to my email list. I think this is a great result.

  5. Shanita Miller (verified owner)

    I had a great experience with mike, response as always, and over delivered to I receive a whopping 161 subscribers could be more pending but love this!!! You cannot go wrong with this!!!! No sales but waiting for the follow-up emails to kick in!!

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