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Send out an SMS Text Ad Blast to the number of prospects you choose in the options.

Read the Full Description Of Our SMS Text Marketing Here.

Here are the instructions for getting your SMS Text Ad:

  1. Choose how many clicks you would like to receive in the options above.
  2. Enter your Website Link in the “Additional Information” field on the checkout page. We will always review your links to make sure we get it in the proper niches/categories. If you wish to provide your own ad copy you can include it there or send it to us in a support ticket after you place the order.
  3. We will contact you if you need anything else.
  4. Add to cart and then checkout.



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53 reviews for SMS Text Ad

  1. Alex Salas (verified owner)

    Hello Mike, I was wondering if you can help me out? I already bought 100 clicks text ad blast and it did good. I got like 13 optins and 2 sales, so I wanted to try out the ppc ads too. Should I do another text ad blast or try ppc ads?

  2. Edward Reilly (verified owner)

    So far I am getting opt-ins to my capture page. Will know more after the campaign is finished.

  3. Alex Salas (verified owner)

    Awesome customer service! Fast and responsive!!

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