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Send out an SMS Text Ad to hot mobile prospects.


Send out an SMS Text Ad Blast to the number of prospects you choose in the options.

Read the Full Description Of Our SMS Text Marketing Here.

Here are the instructions for getting your SMS Text Ad:

  1. Choose how many clicks you would like to receive in the options above.
  2. Choose the category that best matches your offer. If you do not see one that matches, choose the custom category and we will get it in the proper niche after looking at your offer.
  3. Enter your Website URL or full ad if you know what you want to send ( should be 144 characters or less ) in the “Additional Comments” area of the checkout page.
  4. Click Buy Now And Checkout
  5. Look for an order note email with additional details, questions, etc, once we process the order (allow 1 business day).



Amount Of Clicks

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Category Targeting

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50 reviews for SMS Text Ad

  1. 2email.thomas (verified owner)

    Received 21 sign ups out of 100 clicks

    • Mike Rogers

      Good to hear! You’ll likely get more as well since we typically over-deliver on the clicks. Thanks again!

  2. Tina Drummond (verified owner)

    Im new to this but I’m looking for great results

  3. Seija (verified owner)

    Thank you for great service.
    The leads are coming in, very exited and pleased.

  4. Charles Wood (verified owner)

    It was an easy setup process and implementation! Started receiving leads within a few days and have been able to track how many hits I have actually received. Will definitely be using this with my team in the future!

  5. Janie L Guzak (verified owner)

    Excellent service. Will continue to get lots more awesome leads Thank-you!

  6. Kathryn (verified owner)

    I’m happy with the incoming results and will order more soon!!

  7. Christopher Goodman (verified owner)

    Great Service and Great Leads!

  8. David (verified owner)

    Very easy website to navigate. Great service & great leads.

  9. Shaun Fortin (verified owner)

    As always another Great run of leads. Thanks.

  10. Charles (verified owner)

    Excellent service and follow up…Getting a lot of leads from this ad. Thank you!

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