Lead Replacement Policy

With a ”Best In Industry” lead replacement policy, your lead purchase is risk-free and you can feel safe when buying from us:

Should you get a bad lead from us, simply submit it to us for replacement within 7 days after the order has completed and we will take care of replacing it per the guidelines below.

What can be considered a bad lead?

  • Phone Number Disconnected
  • Out of Service Phone Number
  • Duplicate Lead
  • The number is a Dedicated Fax Number

How can you submit it for replacement?

  • Compile a complete file for when you are done going through the leads. In that file, include the complete lead information (all fields) and the reason the lead is bad (see above). Reason must be specific. Simply stating ”bad number” does not constitute a reason to honor replacing a lead.
  • Email that file to support (at) extremeleadprogram.com, be sure to reference the order number (just reply to the order update email if possible).

How can you submit it for replacement?

  • A person who claims to have been called countless times, does not answer their phone, changes their mind, and/or is not interested in your service IS NOT considered a bad lead.
  • Our original 7-8k leads
  • Any Older/Aged leads. This includes leads over one day old.
  • Bulk leads. This includes packages where you get more than 250 leads at once.
  • Leads From The Complete Lead Solution Packages