Refund Policy

  1. We have a strict no-refund policy except for the following case ONLY: Your very first order with us priced below $49.95 is covered by our 100% money back guarantee. To be eligible, you must contact us via our website ticket system within 5 days after placing the order with your request.
  2. Order Tracking / Statistics provided by is final and binding.
  3. For each product/service you purchase you can choose the billing cycle and whether or not it auto-renews automatically. Should you choose to have the product/service auto renew automatically then it is your responsibility to cancel that process. No refunds or credit will be issued for failure to cancel the automatic renewal process. To cancel, you will need to send (email) your request along with your order number to [email protected] or fill out a support ticket request on our site from your back office. Your cancellation is not complete until you receive a cancellation confirmation number from us. Your account will then end after the current month is completed. Requests Must Be Sent 3 business days before your account is set to renew as our system renews automatically. NOTE: If you have a dedicated server option, we require a 30-day cancellation notice. If you used Paypal/Alertpay, you are responsible for canceling your own subscription via the Paypal/Alertpay website. We can only cancel you within our database and that will not stop the Paypal/Alertpay auto payment. If you do not cancel the subscription via Paypal/Alertpay we will consider that you do not wish to cancel the account and we will reset it as normal.
  4. is not liable to replace duplicate records in the client’s database. A person may signup for similar offers at different websites and at different times.
  5. will replace leads with disconnected or wrong numbers only in any of the real-time leads categories ONLY. Under no circumstances can a client demand any additional compensation/refund for any other reason. In the other categories where the leads are older and not in real time, we reserve the right to NOT replace a lead for any reason.
  6. Extreme Lead Program sells prospect lists only. We DO NOT guarantee sales or conversions. By placing your order you agree that you cannot chargeback or demand a refund under any and all circumstances including but not limited to dissatisfaction with quality or service.
  7. may take up to 30 business days to fulfill an order. In the event that it takes more than 30 business days to fulfill an order, a client may demand a refund for the unfulfilled portion of the order.