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Get Real-Time, Custom, Exclusive, Phone Interviewed MLM/Bizop Leads Every Month. Read The Full Description Of The Complete Lead Solution Here. With this version, you get 30,000 outgoing emails/month with a dedicated IP address and 1,000 outgoing SMS text messages (if you want more contact us about adding your own Twilio account). This version has our telemarketer ask two additional questions to the prospect while they are on the phone:

  • How much time can you spend each week on your business?
    1. 5- 10 Hrs / 2. 10-15 hrs / 3. 15-20 Hrs / 4. More than 20 Hrs
  • Thank you for your time, and just before we end the call, I want to know, AFTER speaking with our consultant, if you find the business opportunity to YOUR LIKING, which is GOOD & a MONEY making one, then without any commitment & obligation, can you give a rough idea how much do you feel you will be able to invest if you find a business you really love?
    $200 or $400 or over $500
  1. Choose your package – the number of high-quality opt-in phone verified leads you want each month.
  2. Choose whether or not you want us to design your follow-up emails and text messages (recommended) and how many you would like us to design for you (the more the better).
  3. You can enter your Website URL in the additional comments area of the final checkout page. If you miss this field we will email you after the order asking for it.
  4. We will contact you if you need anything else.
  5. Add to cart and then checkout.
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Follow-Up Design

7 Emails and 7 SMS Texts, 14 Emails and 14 SMS Texts, 30 Emails and 30 SMS Texts, None, I'll Design My Own


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