Solar Panel System Install Leads

Daily Real-time Solar Panel System Installation Feed.

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Leads that have expressed an interest in having a solar panel system installed.

You get approximately 45,000-50,000 solar system leads each weekday (Monday – Friday). This means you get approximately 250,000 solar panel system leads every week.

Here is a list of the fields included in the Solar Panel System files:

  • email, ip, url they requested details from, date they requested details, fname, lname, address, address2, city, state, zip, phone (About 95%), dob (not all records include this field), gender (not all records include this field)

This is a huge feed of raw, unverified leads. We do not recommend calling these solar leads manually due to this. The leads have not been cleaned or verified. What works well with these leads are automated contact methods like emailing, mass texting, ringless voicemail, automated dialing, call center dialing, etc. These do not qualify for our lead replacement policy. Please contact us if you have any questions.


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