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100% Exclusive and 100% Custom Phone Verified Leads that are waiting to hear from YOU.

When it comes to getting a quality “Business Opportunity” lead, it doesn’t get much better than a 100% Custom, 100% Exclusive, Phone Verified Lead. These leads start off by filling out a form online expressing an interest in making money online via a home-based business opportunity, MLM, etc.

Our call center then reaches out to them to verify their interest. This is done by a real, live human being, not by an automated message like most other so-called “phone verified” leads.

Here is the exact script our telemarketers use to verify these leads for you, completely customized with your name or company name, etc:

Hi, may I speak to (Lead Name)? This is (Rep Name).
I am calling today because you expressed an interest in a home-based business. If you are still interested in earning/making money from home in a home business we would like to arrange a callback from our manager (Your Name). Is that okay?
(Customer states YES) > Great! If you find a business that fits your criteria, how much time could you spend each week on that business?
A) 5-10 Hours, B) 10-15 Hours, C) 15-20 Hours, D) More Than 20 Hours
Without any commitment or obligation, how much do you feel you would be able to invest if you find a business you really love?
A) $200, B) $400, C) Over $500
(ONLY After the prospect answers these two questions positively do they become a qualified lead)
What is the best time to call you? Morning/Afternoon/Evening? (Rep can also schedule these leads on your calendar system)
Thank you very much for your time and interest. Please expect a call from (Your Name).

This can be customized as needed within reason so if you have a large group that would be calling and closing the leads we can customize this with a group name, etc.  If you need further specific customizations or a larger quantity of leads, please contact us.

Here are the fields included:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Street Address (Not always available)
  • City (Not always available)
  • State (Not always available)
  • Zip (Not always available)
  • Phone
  • Time Investment (Question above)
  • Money Investment (Question above)
  • Best Time To Call
  • Rep Name (Who they talked to)
  • Gender
  • Timezone
  • IP Address

These leads are super hot and perfect for growing any business opportunity in nearly any niche.

These leads are 100% Exclusive to YOU and never sold to anyone else ever.

Since they are 100% Custom, spots are extremely limited.

How are these leads delivered?

The simple answer is that we can integrate these into nearly every email marketing platform or CRM on the planet. Just like any other lead type you should use a multi-pronged approach of calling, texting, and emailing these prospects.

By default, we simply email you with the lead details when it is generated and we also put them in a shared Google Sheets document you can access anytime. If you would like them delivered any other way, we will ask you for the details in an “Order Note” email after the order is placed.

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2 reviews for Custom Exclusive Phone Interviewed Leads

  1. Thomas Green (verified owner)

    Hello I’m thomas Green
    I just started using these leads
    This week and I have I am amazed at how quickly these leads are available,when I contact them, this is the first time ever a lead responded to me and was interested, and Is exciting as hell to get response ignored for so long, this program is doing great. I look forward to alot of success with them thank you so much.

  2. Darron Smith

    Man, I’m super excited and grateful to continue to run this order in the future! The service has been great thus far, its all about leads and following up in this game of sales! Thank you! I know for sure as a result I will be converting a big percentage of these warm leads! Just wow.

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