WakeUpNow MLM Genealogy Buyer Lead List

WakeUpNow MLM Genealogy Buyer Lead List

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The WakeUpNow MLM Genealogy buyer lead list is here.

This is the entire genealogy of everyone who purchased anything in the now-defunct WakeUpNow MLM.

WakeUpNow was a multi-level marketing scheme based in Provo, Utah, that sold products and services focused on health and financial management. WakeUpNow sold products focused on the concept of health and financial management using a multi-level marketing model. Offered products included WUN Fit, Thunder (energy drink), WUN MD (telemedicine), Awaken drinks, WUN Finance (personal financial management), Taxbot (Tax software), WUN Protect (identity theft protection), and Vacation Club (travel discount program).

Here is exactly what is included in this list:

  • Approximately 300,000 records of people that purchased anything from this company. This means they joined the MLM opportunity and purchased products from them.
  • This will also include a 1-hour zoom session on how to use them for Facebook ads and target your audience. This zoom alone is worth $199 (works with any buyer list, lead list, etc). (We are producing this now so it may be slightly delayed).

The fields that are included in this list:

  • Email Address ONLY

This is a great chance to own a huge list of 300,000+ people that you know have spent money on a business opportunity and/or health/financial related products.


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