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  1. Choose the number of solo email ad clicks you want each month. Save 10% with a monthly subscription.
  2. Enter your Website link and category targeting option in the “additional information” field on the checkout page. We will always review your links to make sure we get it in the proper niches/categories. If you wish to provide your own ad copy you can include it there or send it to us in a support ticket after you place the order.
  3. We will contact you if you need anything else.
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37 reviews for Solo Email Ad Monthly

  1. Glad Martin


    I Started My 250.000 Monthly Solo email
    ad Blast last Tuesday, And I Already Have
    20 Opt-Ins! (NO SALES YET) But, There Will

    I Am Extremely Happy, And Satisfy With Your
    Services, And Would Certainly Recommend
    Your Services To Any One, Who Is Sick, And
    Tired Of All The B/S, And Scams Out There..

  2. Brian Armstrong

    After wasting thousands of dollars on useless solo ads.
    It was a pleasure to finally find a company that finally
    delivered on what they promise, In the first 2 days of using
    the Extreme Lead System I was rewarded with a $1,000 commissions.
    Thank you.

  3. Edward Reilly

    This is now my second campaign with extreme leads.
    My first campaign I received 137 optins to my capture page.
    I am impressed with their service and will continue to work with them!!

  4. Derrick Dean

    I signed up on Thursday the 5th, Monday the 9th, I already have over 60 leads, As of today the 9th and still counting

  5. Del

    Started my monthly solo email ads last Friday and I’m already flooded with opt-ins! I think I will start scaling up for next month! It’s a numbers game and in only a couple of days I’m getting alot of traffic. No sales yet but it’s looking promising!

  6. Bob Judd

    Great writing from your team and a great response to each thing that needed to be done. I will be using the service again next month. Keep up the good work.

  7. Ronald Tate

    I’ve signed up about a month ago and I already have over 300 leads And 7 buyers

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