Complete Lead Solution

Get and Email/Text Phone Interviewed Leads Every Month

Your Automated Email and SMS Text messages are sent to the leads instantly on Autopilot. Finally, Build a Huge List of Hot Responsive Opt-in Prospects.

100’s of successful business owners are using this Complete Lead Solution to generate high-quality prospects and visitors daily while growing their business (making sales).

Emailing and texting Hot Opt-In Prospects is one of the Most Powerful ways to get high-quality, targeted visitors and prospects on a consistent basis.

Our Real-Time Phone Interviewed opt-in leads are some of the best around. They fill out a form online and then one of our agents call them to verify their interest in starting a business from home. We even tell the custom leads to expect a call, email, and text from you specifically (we use your name when talking to them).

If you need prospects for your business, there is no better or cost-effective method than this customized solution.

To start with here is what is included:

  • 2,000 Phone Interviewed Leads Every Month: 100% opt-in, Phone Interviewed MLM/bizop leads. This includes 400 leads that are custom and exclusive to you and 1,600 leads that are generic and sold 1-3 times (very high quality). The information available on each prospect: Full Name, Email, Phone, Address (not always available), Timezone, Gender, IP Address. ($3,999.95 Value Each Month)
  • Full-Featured Complete CRM: Interact one-on-one with your prospects, send unlimited follow-up emails, SMS text messages, voicemail drops, etc. Send out one-time marketing campaigns*. Full calendar booking system and more. Includes a dedicated IP address for best emailing deliverability. ($297 Value Each Month)
  • Leads on autopilot: The Phone Leads are put right into your CRM on autopilot daily in real-time as they are generated by our call center. They will begin receiving your automated follow-up emails and SMS text messages right away. (Priceless)
  • 14 Days worth of automated email messages and SMS text message design: We professionally design a quality, automated, 14-day drip sequence to send to your prospects. All of the copywriting is handled by our professional team. ($379 Value)

We could stop there but we didn’t which is why this is called the “Ultimate Complete Lead Solution”. You also get all of the following as well:

  • Landing Page Design: We design a high-quality opt-in squeeze page tied into your CRM drip sequence. ($99 Value)
  • 2,500 Clicks To Landing Page: We send 2,500 clicks to your new landing page each month from a variety of sources including Solo Email Advertising, SMS Text Advertising, and Banner Advertising online. ($1,250 Value Each Month)
  • Dedicated CRM Management Assistant: We provide a real live human being dedicated to providing you with assistance in the CRM doing any kind of functions you require. These functions can include creating landing pages for you, sales pages, membership sites, forms, etc. They can also include handling any and all marketing aspects for you including creating additional follow-up campaigns or one-time campaigns, replying to leads, setting appointments, etc. ($1,995 Value Each Month)
  • Limited Time Bonus: 6-week strategic success program designed to help your business grow quickly. Finally, start making your business work for you and start building the foundation in your quest to grow and scale your business. Learn the trinity of success to begin this journey which includes:
    (BE) Leadership
    (KNOW) Profit Growth Factors
    (DO) Strategic Planning

    The 6-week course is broken down as follows:

    Week 1: The 6 – Inch Putts (Quick Wins) Self-directed Leadership, Profit Growth Factors, and Foundations for Strategic Planning (Completion time approximately 2 hours)
    OUTCOME: Clarity, Resource Recovery, Directional Focus

    Week 2: Profit Maximization and Hyper-Growth, Delegated Tactical Tasks & Profit Maximization (Completion Time approximately 2 Hours)
    OUTCOME: Sharp Profit Increase, Resource Re-allocation, Aligned Focus of Life Plan and Business Plan

    Week 3: Delegated Outcomes, Leadership & Profit Maximization (Completion Time approximately 2 Hours)
    OUTCOME: Heartbeat of your Business Becomes About MEANINGFUL SCOREBOARD And Your Critical Number. Systems Are Fully Tested “KINDA LIKE a Restaurant Fully Booked and Serving a Full House.”

    Week 4: Concrete Culture and Growing Your Executive Suite (Completion Time approximately 2 Hours)
    OUTCOME: Maturity and Stability

    Week 5: Optimize and Automate (Completion Time approximately 2 Hours)
    OUTCOME: Predictable Behavior of the Business – Masterful Navigation of the Business Life Cycle

    Week 6: Liberate and Elevate (Completion Time approximately 2 Hours)
    OUTCOME: Extended Vacation / mini-retirement / Exit Possible

    ($2,999.95 Value)

Total value is over $10,995 initially and over $7,495 each month thereafter. Get your Ultimate Complete Lead Solution started today.

Need more leads? Need a different type of lead? We can design a package to meet your needs. Just Contact Us Here (we recommend booking a phone call) and we can put together a package to fit your ideal customer acquisition needs.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Complete Lead Solution:

  • Are the follow-up emails and SMS text messages you offer company-specific or general in nature?
    They are tied specifically to your website. We view your website and write them for your site. Each one is unique to you and your website. Put the website URL you want to promote in the “additional comments” section of the final checkout page. If you miss that field we will simply send you an email asking you for what we need.
  • How old are these leads?
    These are realtime leads. They are dropped right into this system right when they are generated in near-realtime (typically just a few minutes in delay time for our agent to process each lead).
  • How many times are each lead sold?
    The custom exclusive leads are 100% fully exclusive to you ONLY. They are never sold to anyone else ever at any time. The regular phone interviewed leads are sold 1-3 times but are still very high quality.
  • Where are the leads from?
    At this time, all leads will be from the USA only.

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