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Send out an SMS Text Ad to hot mobile prospects each month for consistent results.

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Send out an SMS Text Ad Blast and get the number of clicks you choose in the options each and every month for great coverage. This option gives you good, consistent marketing coverage to get your message out to hot prospects each and every month. You also save money with a monthly subscription.

Read the Full Description Of Our SMS Text Marketing Here.

Here are the instructions for getting your SMS Text Ad:

  1. Choose how many clicks you get each month in the options above.
  2. Enter your Website Link in the “Additional Information” field on the checkout page. We will always review your links to make sure we get it in the proper niches/categories. If you wish to provide your own ad copy you can include it there or send it to us in a support ticket after you place the order.
  3. We will contact you if you need anything else.
  4. Add to cart and then checkout.



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10 reviews for SMS Text Ad Monthly

  1. Roy Pacia

    Very pleased with the SMS lead monthly subscription. Saw results from Day 1. Will be working with the Extreme Lead Program team for a while. Thanks!!

  2. Paul Fleming (verified owner)

    Fast Service

  3. Junior Torres (verified owner)

    You guys been good to me , no no results yet been trying so not going to give up yet

  4. Ieisha Doss (verified owner)

    Paid $44 got 360 optins thanks, guys!

  5. Ieisha Doss (verified owner)

    Extreme Leads are awesome!! I got a lot of optins, 20 optins so far! I Totally recommend it to everyone. I really appreciate you guys keep up the good work!

  6. Jimi Rocket (verified owner)

    Hey Mike, I saw your email about the chick who closed the $11K deal using your leads. That’s great! Well… Guess what Bro? I’ve now tracked not one, not two, but rather THREE sales to the SMS Text Marketing package I got from you. All told, so far I’m up $500 X 3 (one-time sale) + $56 monthly commission X 3 hopefully forever. And now there will no doubt be referrals that come from these folks. I’m pretty happy Bro! I spent a measley $45 bucks with you and got back $1,500 Plus ongoing monthly cash. BEAUTIFUL!! Oh yeah, if you want to use this as a testimonial, by all means, do so!

  7. ANGELLA PETERS (verified owner)

    Final review of the $44.95 per month SMS Text Ad review 419 hits, 61 optins 14.56% conversion rate.

  8. ANGELLA PETERS (verified owner)

    I would like to update my review for 3,000 texts @ $45 Monthly subscription as the leads kept coming in..

    398 Hits 49 visitors, will definitely keep this one going.

    Thats less than a dollar per lead.

    Thanks Mike and Jeffrey.

  9. ANGELLA PETERS (verified owner)

    Paid $44 got an average of 80 hits a day across 5 days and 33 optins so far (2 actually came in today), I like the way the leads come in across 5 days and the report system as well as customer support is great.
    They have a great system but you have to be patient with it and they will deliver results. I am now testing the solo ads and will leave a review on that too.

    • Mike Rogers

      Thank you for reviewing the Extreme Lead Program SMS Monthly package. We appreciate you and your business, Angella.

  10. Ron Latimer

    Love this service the sms marketing and ringless voicemail response are crazy. Your prices are better than everyone. Great service

    • Mike Rogers

      Thank you for reviewing the Extreme Lead Program SMS Marketing Service. We are glad you are happy with the response. We appreciate you and your business, Ron.

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