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Send out an SMS Text Ad Blast and get the number of clicks you choose in the options each and every week for the best consistency. This option gives you the absolute best, full, consistent marketing coverage you need and you also save the most money.

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Here are the instructions for getting your SMS Text Ad:

  1. Choose how many clicks you get each week in the options above.
  2. Enter your Website Link in the “Additional Information” field on the checkout page. We will always review your links to make sure we get it in the proper niches/categories. If you wish to provide your own ad copy you can include it there or send it to us in a support ticket after you place the order.
  3. We will contact you if you need anything else.
  4. Add to cart and then checkout.



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8 reviews for SMS Text Ad Weekly

  1. David

    SMS text ad serivece is by far a very helpful source of lead/traffic generation. Its fast and you see results quickly. I will be adding this service to my marketing aresenal.

  2. Fred

    Great work. Easy to get things set up and great communication. Leads coming in like crazy and I love the tracking link setup.

  3. Michael Eisbrener (verified owner)

    I suspect some people see a text and don’t bother with it for days… weeks. Each week, each 1500 blast, more hits to the website, an increasing number of opt-ins, and many more than I expected have talked with me when I call them. I will continue to experiment with where I send them but so far, I am more than impressed.

  4. Erik Loebl

    I bought this lead program because the reviews were good, and I am actually getting some optins, and some purchases. I’ll wait and see the end result, but so far all is positive, and if you have a question, someone is there to either help or to direct you in finding an answer. Thanks!

  5. Ieisha Doss

    Extreme Leads are awesome!! I got a lot of opt-ins! I Totally recommend it to everyone.! I appreciate you guys keep up the good work!

  6. John Schwartz (verified owner)

    I have been dealing with Extreme Leads for a number of years now. I have an autoresponder, a text responder, and have used almost all of the lead gen available, depending on what I was doing. He has helped me from everything from an online college blog to high ticket businesses I have been in. He is always extremely helpful and will do whatever is needed to make sure that we are getting the best results. I appreciate that and appreciate my association with Extreme Leads. He is more of a partner rather than a lead broker. Thanks, guys and I hope it keeps going for many more years

  7. Perry Keller (verified owner)

    The reason why I use Extreme Lead Program because it works and they cater to the little marketer and the heavy hitters Extreme Lead Program have several marketing platforms you can work with along with your budget I highly recommend this company 5 Star support team.

  8. suddenwealth

    Your sms marketing is very cost effective I recommend it to everyone.

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