Website Redirect Leads

Hot MLM/Bizop Seeker Leads Redirected To Your Landing Page

Videos: Lead Generation Process (opens in a new tab) – see how we generate our MLM Leads.

First, these serious Home Based Business Opportunity Seeker Leads enter their information on a home business related landing page and we send you their information right away in real-time.

Second, right when they click submit, they are taken directly to your website or landing page where they can view an overview of what you have to offer them. We also send them an email and SMS Text message with a link to your site right away so they can take another look at their leisure. You should also add them to an automated follow-up sequence and call/text them manually if you wish.

You get the best of both worlds: 1) Leads you can follow-up with and 2) Website traffic at the same time. We recommend sending these people to an informational or sales page since they have already opted in and you will have their contact details to follow-up with them.

This means that you can build your business and downline easier, with hot, home-based business opportunity seeker prospects that have already had a chance to see what you offer. Follow up with these leads consistently and they could be a gold mine for your business. These are perfect for emailing, calling, and texting. Start growing your business today.

The Following Applies to the Real-Time Website Redirect Leads:

  • Backed by a No Bad Lead, Lead Replacement Policy (Read The Full Policy)
  • Downloadable in .CSV Format from Your Account on our site (Opens In Google Sheets)
  • Can be used in the Extreme Autoresponder and our DIY Self Serve SMS Platform
  • Fields Included: First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone, City, State, Best Time To Call, Gender, Timezeon, Date Stamp, IP.
  • These leads are exclusive to you for 30 days from our site.

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