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22 People Interested & 3-5 Will Join/Order

Mike Rogers . March 24, 2021

Here is an update to how Kristine is doing with our Custom Exclusive Phone Interviewed Leads.

View The Original Blog Post Here where she got 2 sales and 12 more interested people.

UPDATE: She now has 22 people interested and 3-5 will actually join/order! See this screenshot of her update:

As she says, the key to people getting excited/interested is actually speaking with them. Working leads really is a numbers game and if you know that it helps you not get discouraged.

She still needs to automate the basic follow-up strategy when and where possible. The key to the most successful sales process is going to be great (automated where possible) follow-up systems. Stats show that a prospect needs at least 7 touchpoints to convert into becoming a customer (or downline member, etc) these days.

This would allow Kristen (and you) to go through more leads and be able to scale and grow much quicker and more efficiently. As you can see in her request above she is already thinking about moving in this direction which is what we highly recommend.

Let us build you a Complete Lead Solution today. Take a look at the link below to get started. For a limited time for those who order today only, we will also book every lead we generate for you on a calendar system as well if you want to also call your leads (recommended if you can).

Don’t wait – that offer doesn’t show up on our site anywhere and please don’t share it with others: