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Finally, Solve Your Lead Flow Problem For Good

Build a Huge List of Hot Responsive Opt-in Prospects and email/text them all on Autopilot

When it comes to getting a quality “Business Opportunity” lead, it doesn’t get much better than a 100% Custom, 100% Exclusive, Phone Verified Lead. These leads start off by filling out a form online expressing an interest in making money online via a home-based business opportunity, MLM, etc.

Our call center then reaches out to them to verify their interest. This is done by a real, live human being, not by an automated message like most other so-called “phone verified” leads.

Jon Flynt - Extreme Lead Program - Complete Lead Solution testimonial/review

Mike, good news on your call center leads as we just had our first sale out of that group this past week. Please continue to reinforce with the call center to vet the leads as good as possible (are they truly looking for an online business and do they have funds for the right opportunity?).

Jon Flynt


Here is the exact script our telemarketers use to verify these leads for you, completely customized with your name or company name, etc (we can tweak this slightly to match your needs):

Hi, may I speak to (Lead Name)? This is (Rep Name).

I am calling today because you expressed an interest in a home-based business. If you are still interested in earning/making money from home in a home business we would like to arrange a callback from our manager (Your Name). Is that okay?

(Customer states YES) > Great! If you find a business that fits your criteria, how much time could you spend each week on that business?

A) 5-10 Hours, B) 10-15 Hours, C) 15-20 Hours, D) More Than 20 Hours
Without any commitment or obligation, how much do you feel you would be able to invest if you find a business you really love?

A) $200, B) $400, C) Over $500

(ONLY After the prospect answers these two questions positively do they become a qualified lead)
What is the best time to call you? Morning/Afternoon/Evening? (Rep can also schedule these leads on your calendar system)
Thank you very much for your time and interest. Please expect a call from (Your Name).

100’s of successful business owners are using this Complete Lead Solution to generate high-quality prospects and visitors daily while growing their business (making sales).

Calling, Emailing, and texting Hot, Highly Qualified, Opt-In Prospects is one of the Most Powerful ways to get high-quality, targeted visitors and customers/downline members on a consistent basis. Now it is all done for you on autopilot (everything except the phone call to them can be automated).

If you need a consistent flow of 100% Custom and 100% Exclusive (we NEVER sell your leads to anyone else, ever) prospects for your business, there is no better or cost-effective method than this customized solution.

Here is what is included:

  • Custom and Exclusive Phone Interviewed Leads Every Month: Choose how many leads you want each month. These are 100% opt-in, 100% Custom, and 100% Exclusive Phone Interviewed MLM/bizop leads. The information available on each prospect: Full Name, Email, Phone, Address (not always available), Timezone, Gender, IP Address.
  • Full-Featured Complete CRM: Includes our full-featured CRM platform where you can interact one-on-one with your prospects (two-way SMS texting and emailing), send one-time email campaigns, follow-up emails, SMS text messages*, voicemail drops*, etc.  Includes a Full calendar booking system and more. Includes a dedicated IP address for best emailing deliverability. If you wish to send additional SMS text messages or voicemail drops beyond our automated follow-up messages, we will help you set up Twilio where you can pay wholesale SMS Text pricing.
  • Leads on autopilot: The Phone Leads are put right into your CRM on autopilot daily in real-time as they are generated by our call center. They will begin receiving your automated follow-up emails and SMS text messages right away.
  • Automated email messages and SMS text message design: We professionally design a quality, automated, drip sequence to send to your prospects. Simply choose how many texts and emails you want to be designed for you. All of the copywriting is handled by our professional team.

Need more leads? Need a different type of lead? We can design a package to meet your needs. Just Contact Us Here (we recommend booking a phone call) and we can put together a package to fit your ideal customer acquisition needs.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Complete Lead Solution:

If you choose to have us design your follow-up email and text messages (recommended) then we design these fully custom to you, your offer, your website, etc.  We view your website and write them for your site. Each one is unique to you and your website. Put the website URL you want to promote in the “additional comments” section of the final checkout page. If you miss that field we will simply send you an email asking you for what we need.

These are real-time leads. They are dropped right into this system right when they are generated in near-realtime (typically just a few minutes in delay time for our agent to process each lead).

The custom exclusive leads are 100% fully exclusive to you ONLY. They are never sold to anyone else ever at any time.

At this time, all leads will be from the USA only.

Get started generating hot prospects for your business today (click the product below and then choose your options):

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