Complete Lead Solution – Debt Relief

$1,499.95 / month and a $199.00 sign-up fee

Get and Email/Text Real-Time, Phone Interviewed Debt Relief Leads Every Month on autopilot.


Here is what you get with this package:

  • Full-Featured Complete CRM: Interact one-on-one with your prospects, send unlimited follow-up emails, SMS text messages, voicemail drops, etc. Send out one-time marketing campaigns*. Full calendar booking system and more. Includes a dedicated IP Address for email deliverability. ($297 Value Each Month)
  • Leads on autopilot: The Phone Interviewed Leads are put right into your CRM on autopilot daily in real-time as they are generated by our call center. They will begin receiving your automated follow-up emails and SMS text messages right away. The call center will book these leads onto the calendar system you set up in the CRM (or your own system that you provide to us). (Priceless)
  • 14 Days worth of automated email messages and SMS text message design: We professionally design a quality, automated, 14-day drip sequence to send to your prospects. All of the copywriting is handled by our professional team. ($379 Value)
  1. You can enter your Sales or informational Website URL in the additional comments area of the final checkout page. If you miss this field we will email you after the order asking for that link or anything else that we need.
  2. Add to cart and then checkout.
  3. * Dedicated IP allows 30,000 email messages sent per month.
    * If you want SMS capabilities you’ll need to set up your own Twilio account and we will connect it to the CRM.

We can customize the script being used for your specific leads, here are two examples of ones that we can modify to fit your needs:

  • Debt Script 1:
    Hi. May I speak to (Customer Name)? This is ___ (Rep name) calling from The Debt Free Network.I am calling you today because, you are pre-qualified for a free & no-obligation analysis to help you settle and eliminate portions of your debt balances, and get you out of debt sooner. So if you are interested can we arrange a call-back from one of our Financial Advisors, Is that okay?

    If YES – Great. So very quickly I need to know:
    1. Do you have at least $10,000 in unsecured debt & more than one credit card? Yes (Must be yes)
    2. Have you filed bankruptcy before or in the process of one? NO (Must be No)

    Thank you for your time today. What is the best time to have one of our Financial Advisors call you back to discuss your options? (book on the calendar)
    That is all the information I need. Please make sure to write down the appointment so you don’t miss the call from our Financial Advisors. Have a great day ahead!

  • Debt Script 2:
    Hi [first name] My name is XXXX from US Debt solutions and I’m calling because you expressed an interest in finding a way to reduce your debt. If you are in any type of debt we can HELP you get the relief you need by eliminating multiple bills, stopping those annoying phone calls, and consolidating your debt into one monthly low payment!To qualify you I just have 2 quick questions for you:

    1. Do you have at least 10,000.00 of unsecured debt in either and or together in credit card and medical? (Should be a YES)
    2. Are you currently working, or retired, or a homeowner? (Should be working)

    One of our debt specialists will contact you and help you with the program, so what is the best time to call you? (book on the calendar)
    That is all the information I need. Please make sure to write down the appointment so you don’t miss the call from our Financial Advisors. Have a great day ahead!

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