Done For You List Building

Done For You List Building

Revealed: The Simplest Trick To Get 1200+ Subscribers In Just 14 Days

The Money Is In the List! Now it’s EASY to build a huge, hyper-responsive list. Introducing 100% Done For You List Building.

The Process, How We Do it actually?

We will create a mini opt-in funnel for you using Please note that you are NOT required to have, but if you do we can transfer your funnel to you at no additional charge. Each opt-in funnel will have a minimum of 3 lead capture page variations and a thank you page that can also link to any other offer you like.

*Please note we can do not direct link after the opt-in because we have to track opt-in conversions for our traffic optimization.

Once the opt-in funnel is built we then start sending traffic to your landing page and like clockwork the subscribers will start to show up. Now to be fair, we are always optimizing and tweaking the opt-in funnel to get the best conversions so it may very well take between 5 – 14 days to deliver 1,200 subscribers to your autoresponder.

That’s it . . . you set back and get a sandwich and watch all the subscribers flow into your auto responder.

Hungry for more …? We thought so, just place another order (pending availability) and we will wash rinse and repeat.

The Math

0.60+ (Cost Per Click), this is what we sell our traffic.

50% – Avg. conversion rate (of our pages) < this is way over the industry average

$60 / 50 subscribers (based on 100 clicks) = $1.20 / Subscriber

Our Cost Per Subscriber? AS LOW AS $0.58

Wait There’s More

Once you decide to avail our services, you will also get…

  • Our 100% Money-Back Risk-Free Guarantee
  • I will personally guarantee that you will get Up To 1,200+ hyper-responsive email subscribers within 14 days or I will give you 300% of your money back.
  • I also personally guarantee that these leads will convert for you inside the MMO, Make Money Online, Business Opportunity, and MLM niches.
  • Our entire operation is built around this niche.
  • This takes all of the risks away from you and puts it on me.
  • When you order this service, you have my on Skype – we talk on the phone and me and my team go to work for you. That is why if you are not serious, don’t waste our time.
  • We would love to work with you, but if you are looking for a $49 eBook and you are lazy – don’t bother buying.
  • This service is for action takers who will follow our advice and let us help you take care of the list building aspect of your business.
  • We will present several different ways you can monetize your traffic, but in the end it’s 100% your choice.