First Sale From the Complete Lead Solution

Take a look at what this customer sent me via Skype the other day.

I love seeing messages like this.

Why not be next?

Now before I show you the screenshot, keep in mind this guy is in a high ticket program where the minimum level to join is $2,000 and goes up to around $34,000 (This is the number I had wrong – see my update below).

I didn’t ask him which level the sale came in at because I didn’t want to be too nosey (see my update below). Even if it was at the minimum level this is very exciting and I love to see this:

Extreme Lead Program Complete Lead Solution Review - Had Our First Sale This Week - Thank You Very Much

UPDATE: So I was a bit off on the levels for his program. The highest level to join at is $27,500 (They call is Zeus) but then the company also offers a $5,000 internal traffic campaign you can join as well.

I also decided to ask him which level the sale came in at and BOOOOM – it indeed was a Zeus sale which means he made a $27,500 Sale!!!

Here is where he explains that the Zeus level is $27,500 and that they offer the extra traffic package but he recommends using our leads:

So why not be next? What’s holding you back?

Let us build you a Complete Lead Solution today. Take a look at the link below to get started. For a limited time for those who order today only, we will also book every lead we generate for you on a calendar system as well if you want to also call your leads (recommended if you can).

Don’t wait – that offer doesn’t show up on our site anywhere and please don’t share it with others:

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10 thoughts on “First Sale From the Complete Lead Solution”

  1. Michael D. Anderson

    I would like for Mike to reach out to me via a direct email to discuss the Complete Lead Solution for my high ticket program. I’m in the same program that Jon is in and that’s OPM Wealth. I’m definitely interested. I see that it’s probably a better solution for marketing my program. We can talk further.

    Michael D Anderson

    1. Hey Michael, I will reach out to you via email directly. Look for an email from me shortly. I would love to help get something like this set up for you as well, thank you.

  2. Hi, I’m interested in Top Tier leads like your testimonial but you don’t provide what kind of leads he purchased to make the $27.5 sale and you have many types of leads available so what lead source did he purchase? thks

  3. Mike,
    I would also like to learn more, I also deal with niche market & high ticket items between $2,000 & $24,000 so I would also like to learn more especially if its possible or you can reach my target market.

  4. Not sure if I saw any real proof of any high ticket sales. I am a high ticket closer and people want to see real solid proof. Do you have solid proof your leads are good and ready for high ticket? I ask because my high ticket business range from $3500.00 up to $14,500.00 If you have what I need I want it but please show more proof of something solid not some text that really don’t show much

    1. I have no reason NOT to believe that my customer didn’t make this sale. I actually talked with him a bit more and found out the sale was made on the highest level of their program which is $27,500.

      Here is a screenshot where he told me he didn’t mind me using this as a testimonial, told me that the sale was at the highest level, and gave me a bit more information about the prospect that closed: Screenshot 1

      Here is a second screenshot where he told me their highest level is $27,500. He explains that they offer an internal $5K traffic package but suggests doing our leads instead: Screenshot 2

      If you’d like to get in touch with this customer, I’m sure he wouldn’t mind talking with you further just let me know, thanks.

        1. Hey Darius, this isn’t my business. This is a customer of ours. I can put you in touch with him if you are interested in joining him. I will send you a personal email and text, look for that shortly, thank you.

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