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First Sale From the Complete Lead Solution

Mike Rogers . February 16, 2021

Take a look at what this customer sent me via Skype the other day.

I love seeing messages like this.

Why not be next?

Now before I show you the screenshot, keep in mind this guy is in a high ticket program where the minimum level to join is $2,000 and goes up to around $34,000 (This is the number I had wrong – see my update below).

I didn’t ask him which level the sale came in at because I didn’t want to be too nosey (see my update below). Even if it was at the minimum level this is very exciting and I love to see this:

Extreme Lead Program Complete Lead Solution Review - Had Our First Sale This Week - Thank You Very Much

UPDATE: So I was a bit off on the levels for his program. The highest level to join at is $27,500 (They call is Zeus) but then the company also offers a $5,000 internal traffic campaign you can join as well.

I also decided to ask him which level the sale came in at and BOOOOM – it indeed was a Zeus sale which means he made a $27,500 Sale!!!

Here is where he explains that the Zeus level is $27,500 and that they offer the extra traffic package but he recommends using our leads:

So why not be next? What’s holding you back?

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