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New Multiverse Income Generator®

Mike Rogers . April 2, 2022

The late marketing genius Gary Halbert complained that most of us suffer from “the poverty of our own imagination.”

Gary was only scratching the surface: have you considered how many ways you’re limited by the poverty of your own… UNIVERSE???

Face it: The universe we’ve BEEN living in sucks. What has the universe done for YOU lately?

  • It crushed innumerable hopes and dreams with that two-year pandemic
  • It served up an unpleasant conflict between Ukraine and Russia
  • It doesn’t seem to be doing much to stop global warming
  • It’s getting ready to extract more tax money out of you on April 15
  • You yourself continue to be THE common denominator of all your silly problems.

Have you ever wanted to just escape to a NEW universe altogether? Do you crave a Cosmic Relocation Plan?

I desired that too. But what if you pick a bad one? Imagine staring at a painting or photograph so long that you literally WILLED yourself into an alternate universe…

…only to discover that your new universe sucks even worse than old one???

What if your new universe has strange rules? What if all its colors are puke-colored pastel yellow?

What if gravity randomly switches off and on there? Then your furniture floats out of your house while you’re at a birthday party or graduation.

One should never put all one’s eggs in just one “universe basket.” The solution is… The Multiverse.

Scientists estimate there could be as many as 10 to the power of 500 OTHER universes. If that’s true… some are WAAAY better than this universe.

The secret is to avoid the bad ones.

I’ve been tinkering in my laboratory and today I’m announcing a new program called Multiverse Income Generator®. It allows you to buy options on GOOD universes, while shielding you from the downside of bad ones.

It’s better than owning 5,000 mini-malls on the world wide internet.

Consider the advantages:

  • In some other universe, Ethereum is soaring over $100K, instead of the lackluster $3245 that it is now.
  • There is a universe where the voting machines are all working properly, AND your preferred presidential candidate won.
  • There’s a universe where your last three startups hit MASSIVE pay dirt, instead of going splat.

Multiverse Income Generator® is VASTLY superior to conventional real estate… because it gives you access to 10^500 NEW real estate opportunities, in 10^500 new worlds!

Wanna buy low? Select a universe that’s having a real estate crash.

Wanna sell high? Leap into a universe that’s enjoying a real estate boom.

Multiverse Income Generator® allows you to transfer assets between universes, with only a 1% transfer fee for New Renaissance members. You will rake in gargantuan profits on the spread.

You’ll never, ever want to go back to the restrictions of THIS puny universe again! Also, the vacations are absolutely out of this world. (The starship cruise to Alpha Centauri is the stuff of legends.)

Ernest Schrodinger, the “cat guy,” told us of quantum superposition. The universal wave function is real. In quantum physics, EVERY possibility happens simultaneously!

The cat is both alive AND dead. Markets rise and fall, simultaneously…. and YOU get to decide which way you wanted them to go!

With Multiverse Income Generator®, YOU become the beneficiary of Divergent Parallel Universes. And Jeff Bezos is not Jeff Bezos anymore… YOU are Jeff Bezos!

For years it was thought there could be no communication between those worlds… even though they were only millimeters away from us.

Now this is no longer true. Today you can reach out and touch them… with Multiverse Income Power®.

From now on, you will slide between lives and universes at will, handily dodging all the consequences of your bad decisions.

Sound Amazing?

We’ll Hook You Up Here

P.S. The first 10 who inquire will receive 10^10 baby microverses… FREE! Astronomy geeks will have heard about the recent discovery of Earendel, the farthest known individual star – 12.9 billion light-years away from Earth. Earendel was birthed from its own baby microverse, and today 13 billion years later is living out its destiny with boldness and courage.

So… if you aspire to making an impact over not mere decades or millennia but BILLIONS of years… from one corner of the cosmos to the other… imagine the power of owning just one baby microverse. Then… imagine owning ten billion of them!

Get Your Multiverse Income Generator Here

P.P.S. You can use Multiverse Income Generator® to speculate on domain names. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. And don’t forget, your imagination will be multiplied by 10^500 so you will never ever run out of good ideas ever again.

Best Regards,


This was copied from an email sent to me From Perry Marshall (I tweaked it slightly to match my audience but wanted to give credit where credit was due). I enjoyed the email very much I had to pass it on.