April Fools 2022

Got you good this time didn’t we!

That email was copied from Perry Marshall – I liked it so much I just had to pass it along.

Unfortunately, none of those things in that email are possible 🙁

However, you can get a 25% over-delivery bonus on any of the following this weekend ONLY (no coupon or codes needed, we just automatically add the extra to any orders placed through Sunday at Midnight):

(This includes any of the heavy hitter packages as well.)

Go ahead and leave a comment below about your favorite part of that email…

8 thoughts on “April Fools 2022”

    1. I was confused from the top and I wasn’t putting my money on anything else on the internet because I paid for the H2O and still can’t get my money for that the second day I used it I’ll try to return it I can’t access the internet I can’t contact them and also to the fact they got to recalled on and I still can’t get my money yet and you want me to anyway tell me we can do something ain’t nothing we can do that’s going to be a record ain’t nothing we can do because that’s all I can hear last that I cannot get from time t h a m e s and still tell me what money back so I was confused and thank you

    1. I almost got scammed trying to invest in another investment programme that Mike Rogers sent me, the second one like the first one Mike Rogers sent me was a scam but i was lucky because my Smartphone picked up on the number as a scammers number just like the first, but i wasnt lucky the first time because when i put my card details down to pay the $250usd i was ripped off for the $250usd & the so called trustworthy account manager tried to withdraw $2800 out of my account!! But i dont think i have EVER had that much money in my account, but the second time my phone & the account managers of my financial institution picked up on the phone number as being a scammers number & blocked the withdrawal from my account of the $250usd so what do you think i should do about Mike Rogers sending these scammers to me & costing me $250usd, i think i should go after Mike for my money & sue him!!! What do you think i should do???

      1. We always do our best to vet any opportunities that we send out. With that said, it is always best to do your due diligence before joining/investing in anything. I think you may have the wrong person? Which program tried to scam you? I will happily look into it and make sure not to promote them again if this is truly the case. Provide me with all of the details so we can sort it out, thanks.

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