End Of July 2022 Specials

It’s nearly the end of July and I think we may be at the end of a heatwave here in Ohio it seems.

I think we’ve seen more 90+ degree days in the past 3-4 weeks than we’ve seen in quite a long time.

Work-from-home seems to be a bit slower than usual.

This just means you need more traffic and leads to follow up with.

I’d love to hear your comments on how things are going for you, drop one below and let us know.

Due to this, we are leaving these deals run through the end of July – act quickly before they are gone:

* 15% bonus send amount on any Solo Email Ad (including the heavy hitters) – Check these out here: https://www.extremeleadprogram.com/product-category/traffic-and-advertising/solo-email-ads/

* 15% bonus send amount on any PPC Traffic (including the heavy hitters) – Check these out here: https://www.extremeleadprogram.com/product-category/traffic-and-advertising/ppc-website-traffic/

* 10% bonus send amount on any SMS Text Ad (including the heavy hitters) – Check these out here: https://www.extremeleadprogram.com/product-category/traffic-and-advertising/sms-text-marketing/

* 15% bonus send amount on any Push Notification Ad (including the heavy hitters) – Check these out here: https://www.extremeleadprogram.com/product-category/traffic-and-advertising/push-notification-marketing/

* Complete Lead Solution – Get and email/text hot leads on autopilot every month. Check this out here: https://www.extremeleadprogram.com/product-category/grow-your-list/complete-lead-solution/

Just a reminder that the bonus send amounts are just that and not a pricing discount.

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