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Columbus Day Specials 2018

Mike Rogers . October 11, 2018

Our “Columbus” day specials are still going on for another few days.

Also, keep an eye out for something new coming in the next week or so ( come chat with me via live chat on the site if you want an early sneak peek ).

Until then, you can still get these for the next few days:

  1. Solo email ads – 100% bonus on any package (Doesn’t show up anywhere in the system, we add it automatically). Laser targeted email traffic right to your site: https://www.extremeleadprogram.com/product-category/traffic-and-advertising/solo-email-ads/
  2. Contextual Ads – 100% bonus on any amount (Doesn’t show up anywhere in the system, we add it automatically). Great display network traffic to your site: https://www.extremeleadprogram.com/product-category/traffic-and-advertising/contextual-ads/
  3. NEW – SMS Text Marketing – 25% bonus sent on all packages – manually added by us – Reach hot prospects where they live most – on their phones: https://www.extremeleadprogram.com/product-category/traffic-and-advertising/sms-text-marketing/
  4. Heavy Hitter Package – ( Only 1 available ) – View the details on the site: https://www.extremeleadprogram.com/product/heavy-hitter-solo-ad-special/
  5. Small Heavy Hitter Package – ( 3 Spots Open ) – View the details of this on the site: https://www.extremeleadprogram.com/product/small-heavy-hitter-solo-ad-special/

If you have any questions, just reply directly to the email you received ( or will be soon ) or text us: 937-687-8618.