Back To Normal

The specials below all end tonight, 4/20/2021 at Midnight Eastern Time.

(Read to the end to see the lessons I learned)

I had to take my wife back to the hospital last week where she spent a few days dealing with covid still. It seems her heart was trying to go out of rhythm which was making things worse.

Long story short, they got that taken care of and she’s been back home since Friday on some oxygen and seems to be getting better slowly. Thank you Miami Valley Hospital Staff!

So, things are looking up a bit and I am very much looking to get back to a bit of normal here.

To say thanks to the great staff and customers (that’s you) we are running these favorite deals for one week only:

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I have learned a few lessons during these very trying couple of weeks that we should all apply to our businesses and lives.

1) Don’t take things for granted. I know that is very cliche but it’s very true and important. I took for granted the routine stuff that went on in life and business. I plan on trying to be more mindful of these things in the future.

2) Having good infrastructure/staff is integral to being able to keep a business running VS being a 1-man show. This isn’t always easy doing part-time bizop work but being able to automate what you can where you can, etc, can help immensely.

Just a reminder that the bonus send amounts are just that and not a pricing discount.

Questions? Text us: 855-947-4048.

We look forward to working with you.

8 thoughts on “Back To Normal”

  1. Hi Mike, many good wishes for your wife’s health. I think it is very wise to remind ourselves to not take anything for granted. I guess there is no ‘normal’ really. Just us and our combined wishes for hapiness. May we and all beings have just that. Regards and best wishes, Alexander

  2. Boy, that is a scary situation. I am glad she is improving and a pray for a full recovery.
    God Bless,
    Edward Gilbert

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