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Join Our Personal Journey: Support Autism Awareness and Make a Difference Together

Mike Rogers . September 16, 2023

Empower Our Community, Fuel a Cause: Let’s Ignite Change Together!

Dear community,

I’m reaching out today not just as the founder of Extreme Lead Program but as a father and grandfather with a deeply personal connection to autism. My two wonderful daughters and our beloved grandson (whom many of you know we proudly adopted) have high-functioning Autism. Every day, I witness their incredible strength, talent, and resilience, and it fills me with pride. Their journey, however, like many others, hasn’t been without challenges. And that’s what brings me to share our upcoming initiative.

From 9/16 to 9/24, we’re not just embracing a cause; we’re embracing a part of our family’s heart and soul by supporting this amazing community and helping spread awareness. Please help us as well.

Why did we choose to help the Autism Society of Dayton?

Autism affects 1 in 54 children today, including my own family. The Autism Society of Dayton has been a pillar of strength, hope, and resources for those impacted by Autism Spectrum Disorder. Their tireless work ensures individuals with autism are recognized, celebrated, and supported in our community. As a father and grandfather, the mission of this society resonates deeply with me, and I believe that with your support, we can make a significant difference.

A Week of Impactful Shopping

For one dedicated week, we’re pledging to donate 10% of all our sales proceeds to the Autism Society of Dayton. Every purchase you make Extreme Lead Program isn’t just a purchase; it’s a step towards a more inclusive, understanding, and supportive world for individuals with autism and the families and communities that support them.

How Can You Be Part of Our Journey?

  • Shop & Share: We will donate 10% of every purchase you make from us this week. Support a great cause that’s close to our hearts. If you feel the same passion, please spread the word. Let’s amplify our impact together.
  • Make A Direct Donation: If you wish to contribute further, you can make a direct donation to the Autism Society of Dayton. Every bit helps.
  • Learn and Grow: Take a moment to understand autism better. The more we know, the better equipped we are to offer support and love.

Let’s Make a Change, Hand in Hand

This isn’t just about a charitable week. It’s about our collective journey, the experiences we all share, and the united dream of creating a world where everyone, including those with autism, can thrive.

Join us in this heartfelt initiative. Together, with understanding and unity, we can and will make a difference.