Solo Email Ad Review – 3 Sales Totaling $16,500

This is a follow-up to the original Blog Post about making sales with Solo Email Ads.

We received another testimonial from a client who made 3 sales totaling $16,500 with our Solo Email Ads, here is the email he sent to us:

ExtremeLeadProgram solo email ad review - made 3 sales for $16,500 total

Which really got me thinking about some things that I’m sure we’ve all thought of before. How are some people doing well and making sales while others get diddly squat?

There are too many factors to dive super deep into the exact reasons but here are my thoughts of the most important ranked from highest importance to least:

* Program or offer – Some are better than others and some flat out stink.
* Funnel – this encompasses the entire gambit from landing page to follow-ups, etc.
* Campaign – Subject, Message, Targeting, etc. Plus Some offers do better with different media and the only way to know is to test, test, test.

This is the “Short” answer and with enough time you can dive super deep into all 3 aspects of these. If you’d like to discuss putting together a campaign where we can help you with all of these aspects then just get in touch with us here.

We are offering a 100% bonus send on any Solo Email Ad Campaign (minus the heavy hitters) and a 10% bonus send on any SMS Text Ad Campaign. Just mention this offer in the additional comments area of the checkout page along with your website link and we’ll add it for you manually.

If you have any questions, just reply directly to this email or text me: 937-687-8618.

I look forward to working with you.

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