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Small Business Saturday 8/7/2021

Mike Rogers . August 7, 2021

Small businesses and entrepreneurs need to stick together and help each other out and do our best to help others any way we can.

We work as hard or harder than everyone else… so we deserve it, right?

It’s not official, but we like to have a “Small Business Saturday” once every month or two. It’s been almost 5 months so we are doing one today.

There are still tons of people looking for a way to work from home. Even though it seemed to slow down for June and the first few weeks of July, it seems like we have picked back up to normal.

These folks are ready to invest in starting their own small business to avoid going back to the 9-to-5 grind. Most extended Federal unemployment benefits are set to end soon.

It doesn’t matter if this is your side-hustle or your permanent gig. You have to be able to protect yourself during storms of this nature. Now is the perfect time to get your business in front of these prospects. Let’s help make this side-hustle something permanent for you.

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