Star Trek Is Better Than Star Wars - Change My Mind

May The 4th Be With You?

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Full confession time!!!

I’ve never been a big fan of Star Wars and I’ve actually never watched one entire movie (I tried a long time ago, maybe I’ll give it another go sometime soon).

I was always more of a Trekkie and I’m prepared to face the backlash so feel free to let it rip by commenting below.

Or maybe you agree with me?

Either way, I can take it, let me hear what you think, which side are you on? (comment below)

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Leave a comment below with your thoughts and reasoning, please keep it clean and nice!

6 thoughts on “May The 4th Be With You?”

  1. Mike – I used to think you had it all together! Ha! Love Kirk and Spock but Star Wars is just the bomb! Gene Roddenberry started it all, though, didn’t he!

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