This is a general guide on how to Call, SMS Text, and Email Custom Phone Interviewed Leads. This also applies to leads generated via our Complete Lead Solution since they are the same leads.

This is actually good advice for doing any kind of lead calling at all.

First, it may take many attempts to reach a prospect. In this day and time, people are very wary of receiving phone calls from people they do not know. Dial their number 3-4 times with a little bit of time in between each call on your first day/attempt. On your last attempt, leave the prospect a voicemail message letting them know you are going to email/text them, and then send them a text message and email as well. I would repeat this process a couple of times throughout the first week. Then, make sure to put them on an automated follow-up system (see below for more details on touchpoints and our Complete Lead Solution).

If you have a dialing system, try to call the leads from a number in their own area code if/when possible.

Including the Rep Name (which is the person who originally called them) can help them to remember the phone call they received from our call center.

Here is a generic telephone script that you can tweak to your liking and use:

Hi __(Customer name). I am doing a follow-up about a call you got from one of my marketing managers (Rep name) who informed me you are looking to start your own home business.

I wanted to check if you are interested in a Part-Time Or Full-Time Option?

Provided you qualify, how much TIME would you be willing to invest in a business venture?

If you find the right home business, how much income would you like to make to start with on a monthly basis?

I think I have something that could fit what you’re looking for! I need 10 minutes or so of your time to watch a video, that will explain everything that we do! This should give you a really good idea of what’s involved and will allow you to go further in your search. Is now a good time?

Tweak this script to fit your needs and the business you are promoting. You can also take this script and make variations of it for use for your initial SMS Text and Email follow-up messages that you send to those leads.

Studies show that it takes an average of 12 touchpoints for a prospect to purchase something. This study was pre-covid and we know that this has increased during these times. This means that it takes more contact to build trust and get a prospect interested in your business/offer. UPDATE: Studies are now showing that it takes between 17-22 touchpoints to get a prospect to take action.

This means an automated follow-up system is highly recommended on top of calling your leads. Let us set up a Complete Lead Solution for you today.