How Milton Got Sales With Solo Email Ads

Yesterday, I sent out an email showing a note/review that Milton sent us about getting opt-ins and most importantly, sales, with our solo email ads, here is that picture: review: Great response with opt-in and sales. Excellent customer seervice and communication.

If you are reading that on a phone it’s small and hard to see, so here is what it says, “Great response with opt-in and sales. Excellent customer service and communication.”

I got so many replies to that original email asking how he got sales, that I couldn’t possibly reply to them all. I decided to just send a follow-up email with the formula he used to get those sales from the solo email ads (this can be the same for any of our traffic products). Here’s the email:

It really is a no-brainer.

1) He has a good opportunity (real – no b.s.).

2) He has a great, simple opt-in squeeze page.

3) He has a great backend follow-up system in place.

4) He drove traffic to that squeeze page with our solo email ads.

That’s literally it.

He got good quality opt-ins and the backend follow-up messages did the rest and turned those leads into sales.

Rinse. Repeat. Enjoy.

Let’s do the same for you… if you do not have #1-#3 in place we can help. Just reach out and let me know what you are promoting.

If you do have those in place, grab a solo email ad today.

Talk soon,


2 thoughts on “How Milton Got Sales With Solo Email Ads”

  1. Raymond Mason,Jr.

    I”m in the carpet cleaning business for residential and wanted to know if this will work for me.

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