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How Milton Got Sales With Solo Email Ads

Mike Rogers . March 4, 2022

Yesterday, I sent out an email showing a note/review that Milton sent us about getting opt-ins and most importantly, sales, with our solo email ads, here is that picture:

www.extremeleadprogram.com review: Great response with opt-in and sales. Excellent customer seervice and communication.

If you are reading that on a phone it’s small and hard to see, so here is what it says, “Great response with opt-in and sales. Excellent customer service and communication.”

I got so many replies to that original email asking how he got sales, that I couldn’t possibly reply to them all. I decided to just send a follow-up email with the formula he used to get those sales from the solo email ads (this can be the same for any of our traffic products). Here’s the email:

It really is a no-brainer.

1) He has a good opportunity (real – no b.s.).

2) He has a great, simple opt-in squeeze page.

3) He has a great backend follow-up system in place.

4) He drove traffic to that squeeze page with our solo email ads.

That’s literally it.

He got good quality opt-ins and the backend follow-up messages did the rest and turned those leads into sales.

Rinse. Repeat. Enjoy.

Let’s do the same for you… if you do not have #1-#3 in place we can help. Just reach out and let me know what you are promoting.

If you do have those in place, grab a solo email ad today.

Talk soon,