Email Is Still King (For Now)

We get asked this question at least once or twice per day:

“What is the best option for getting traffic/leads, etc, to my site/offer?”

That isn’t a super simple straight answer because I always recommend testing, testing, testing. You really have to test each offer with each type of marketing channel to see what works best for that particular offer. Sometimes the results will surprise you (and us).

With that said, Solo Email Advertising is still the current reigning champ and 7 out of 10 times that is what I recommend trying first.

To no one’s surprise, SMS Text ads are really creeping up to make a challenge at the King Of The Hill… Today, though, Email is Still King and doesn’t look like it’ll be slain anytime soon!

Contextual Advertising remains solidly in third but is always worth testing for each offer as well.

For today only and for our valued email readers (that’s you!) we are offering a bonus on all 3 (instructions for claiming these deals are below):

* Solo Ads – 100% Bonus On Any Package (minus the heavy hitters) – Get It Here

* SMS Text Ads – 10% Bonus On Any Package – Get It Here

* Contextual Ads – 50% Bonus On Any Package – Get It here

Instructions For Claiming the Bonus – Put a note in the “Additional Comments” area of the checkout page referencing the “Email King Bonus” along with your URL or ad copy and we’ll add it manually for you.

If you have any questions, just Contact Extreme Lead Program Here.

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