Cinco De Mayo

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Happy Cinco de Mayo – Have you seen the movie, “The Book of Life” from 2014?

My middle granddaughter loved this movie and I guarantee that I have literally seen this movie close to 100 times.

Here’s a clip of the movie if you haven’t – watch it here:

If you haven’t seen the movie and have younger kids or grandkids then I would recommend checking it out today.

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2 thoughts on “Cinco De Mayo”

  1. Mike, thanks for info. Sent it to my email. Will definitely check it out. Sounds great! (not a joke, right? 🙂 Working (never ends) on website: And trying to fit YOUR THREE LEVEL LEAD Compensation Plan. Into my “Friends” Plan. “Friends” MIGHT join me in internet land… if I PAY them. 🙂

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