50k or 500k leads or more? (You decide)

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Could you even handle that many leads? (Yes, with the proper system in place)

What would you do with them:

Email them? (Yep)

Text them? (Yep)

Voicemail Drops (Yep)

We can help…

Grab the leads here: https://www.extremeleadprogram.com/product/mlm-bizop-leads-feed/

(If you want even more leads just ask, we can get you bigger quantities).

Then, if you need a way to email the leads, this is perfect:  https://www.extremeleadprogram.com/product/dedicated-emailing-server/

Ask me how to set this up so that you can also send SMS Text messages and voicemail drops to the leads as well…

It’s that simple, you could be sending your message to TONS of potential prospects in a couple of days.

5 thoughts on “50k or 500k leads or more? (You decide)”

  1. I read the post and I’m wondering if it’s 50k or 500k opt ins or leads that you are selling. If it’s 50k to 500k leads that opted into my site that would be great. I’m make money even if it’s not targeted lead’s I will look for your positive reply.

    1. You decide how many leads you want, between 50K and 500K. Just change the “Number of Leads” options Here. You can get that amount one time, weekly, or monthly. These are just leads that you download and use as you wish. If you are looking to drive traffic to your own opt-in landing page, then I recommend starting with Solo Email Ads Here.

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