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  • Sale! MLM Genealogy Leads

    Mobe, Empower, WakeUpNow, and Digital Altitude Genealogy/Buyer Lists


    Buy all four of our MLM Genealogy Buyer Leads Lists in a bundle and save big.

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  • Sale! WakeUPNow MLM Genealogy Buyer Lead List

    WakeUpNow MLM Genealogy Buyer Lead List


    WakeUpNow MLM Genealogy Buyer Lead List

    • Extensive WakeUpNow Genealogy: Access the complete buyer lead list, comprising individuals who have purchased from the now-defunct WakeUpNow MLM.
    • Targeted Audience: Reach out to a vast network of MLM enthusiasts and health/financial product buyers.
    • Business Opportunity Buyers: These individuals have invested in WakeUpNow’s MLM opportunity, making them prime prospects for your offers.
    • Product-Purchase History: Leverage the knowledge that these buyers have spent money on health and financial products.
    • 300,000+ Quality Leads: Own a massive list of over 300,000 individuals who are primed for business opportunities.
    • Exclusive Zoom Session: Receive a valuable 1-hour zoom session on leveraging these leads for Facebook ads and audience targeting (valued at $199).
    • Email Address Access: Gain direct contact with these prospects through their email addresses.
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