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Increase Your Sales Conversions and Stop Spending a Fortune on Other Monthly Subscriptions You’ll no longer need

The Extreme Autoresponder is now a full-fledged CRM and Sales Pipeline Dashboard Plus Much Much More. Stop paying for expensive page builders, email senders, calendar systems, etc.

Are you ready to watch your business explode? Turn more Leads into buyers or downline members today by consistently getting your message in your prospect’s inbox (including via text now as well).

This all-in-one email marketing software includes everything you need to create, send, track, and profit from email marketing, SMS text marketing, voicemails, and call marketing. It also includes a state of art Sales Tracking Dashboard for savvy business owners who want to SEE their entire Sales Pipeline front start to finish and be able to hold everyone involved accountable for their part.

Successful businesses have several things in common but one of the biggest things is that they know their numbers and they know where leads are coming from, what the cost per lead from each source is, they know when and how often leads are being followed up with, and they know their sales conversion numbers.

Now, you can have the same enterprise-level setup all in one convenient place. For a not so “enterprise-level” price.

Extreme Lead CRM replaces all of these systems
Extreme Lead CRM replaces all of these systems

Here are the Major Features you can get in the Extreme CRM (there are more we just don’t have the room to list them all):

  • Contact Manager: Simple way to see all contact details of every lead/prospect that comes into your system
  • Unlimited Autoresponders: Send automated follow-up messages to your prospects.
  • Unlimited one-time campaigns: Send as many messages as your wish. Restrictions may apply to your email SMTP provider and/or SMS provider, etc.
  • Unlimited Marketing Automations and Workflows: Automations and workflows can include email messages, SMS text messages*, FB messenger messages, voicemail drops, or even manual calls / manual SMS messages*, and many other CRM functions that are available.
  • Unlimited Calendars: Your prospects can schedule calls or bookings directly in your new calendar system. This functions just like many of the popular subscription-based calendar systems you may already be familiar with. Now you can keep all of your data in one system.
  • Unlimited Website/Funnel Builder: Stop paying $50-$297+ each month to another funnel system (we are looking at you Click Funnels) when you can have it all built-in in one easy-to-manage system. Just drag and drop your way to unlimited websites/funnels.
  • Unlimited Pipelines: Create as many sales Pipeline Dashboards as you want to track. each one with as many stages or cycles as you need.
  • Advanced Analytics: Tracking ROI from ad sources such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc, is important and easy to do in our system. You can also track traffic and lead sources, appointment rates, response rates, etc right in your dashboard.
  • Unlimited Surveys: Ask questions, and get answers. No limit on how many surveys you can build/use.
  • Reputation Manager: If your business uses reviews, you can now manage and optimize your Google Reviews right from your dashboard.
  • Download the Mobile App for FREE right from your phone to have all of the information at your fingertips at all times!
  • Conversations: Have two-way conversations with leads/prospects via email, text*, FB Messenger, and Instagram Messenger.
  • Membership Site: Set up and run a membership site very easily all in one platform. Drip content to members as required all very easily.
  • Unlimited Users: Never again pay a “per seat” price for your users again. Add every employee/user you want/need at no additional cost.
  • Dedicated IP Address: You control your own email-sending reputation. Allows 30,000 outgoing email messages per month (additional emails are billed at $1.00 per every thousand messages over 30K). You can also connect with any other SMTP provider you wish, just send us the details after your account is set up.

Extreme Autoresponder/CRM replaces many different tools which are probably costing you over $250/month. Most users report saving an average of at least $200 just by using these tools all in one place.

Frequently Asked Questions about our Autoresponder/CRM:

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