What is a website funnel and why is it important for marketing?

Your business has a story, but unless you market it successfully, your message will fail to break through. If you can’t get your message out, you’ll find it difficult to obtain customers and members. One aspect of successful marketing is harnessing the power of a website funnel.

What is a website funnel?

A website funnel—also called a marketing or conversion funnel—is a series of pages and sources that seamlessly work together to guide your visitor to the desired action, creating a conversion. These can include follow-up emails, text messages, etc. as well.

What is a conversion?

A conversion is simply meeting the goal you want your site to achieve, whether that’s signing up for an email newsletter or buying a product/service, becoming a member, etc. It’s very important that you decide what counts as a conversion before you begin your marketing efforts.

Build a Digital Marketing Funnel
How A Marketing Funnel Works

How does a website funnel work?

A website funnel is comprised of four main parts:

You Need A Sales Funnel
You Need A Sales Funnel
  1. Awareness: The visitor is aware of your organization or your website. This may be through a search engine, advertisement or social media page. The visitor arrives at your website or landing page.
  2. Interest: As the visitor continues through the website, they show interest in your organization as you guide them where you want them to go. They may opt-in to receive more details.
  3. Engagement: The visitor engages with your content. This may be by watching a video, reading a story, examining pictures, opening and reading follow-up email messages, etc.
  4. Action: The visitor takes action.

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