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Team ELP Bizop Marketing Funnel

Team ELP Bizop Marketing Funnel

$9.95/Month – One-Time $40 Sign-Up Fee

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Product Details

Quick Demo of the funnel:

This includes:

  • A brand new custom Domain Name for you
  • Dedicated IP Address Just for You for Best Email Deliverability
  • Completely hosted in our Autoresponder/CRM platform
  • Right now (as of 1/27/2024) the funnel is strictly geared towards LiveGood. Updates can be pushed out automatically once we add things and polish the system.

Ensure to send this to ONLY your direct team members, not anyone outside us. You should make sure to join our affiliate program and use your affiliate link to send to your direct members for this if you wish.

Here is a Video showing how to tag your prospects to move them through the stages:

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Team ELP Bizop Marketing FunnelTeam ELP Bizop Marketing Funnel
$9.95 / month and a $40.00 setup fee