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Google Ads Management

Google Ads Campaign Management

Google Ads Campaign Management

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Are you having trouble getting a positive ROI from your Google Ads Campaigns?

We Can Help! Let us manage your Google Ads campaigns for you and take all of the stress off of your shoulders.

If you are sick and tired of trying to figure out all of the options available to you in your Google Ads dashboard, how you should use all those different options, and better yet, how to use all of those options properly then let the pro’s handle it for you and simplify your Google Ads marketing once and for all.

Get back to what you do best, managing your business and servicing your clients/customers.

Leave the tedious, nitty, gritty grunt work to us and start getting ROI from your Google Ads Campaigns.

How are we different than any other Google Ads management company?

  1. Most companies charge a flat monthly fee PLUS a percentage of your monthly ad spend. We simply charge one flat monthly fee only.
  2. Most Google Ads Management companies help set up your campaigns initially and then might look at your campaign once a month after that.
  3. We will install analytics and do the keyword research at no charge to you.
  4. We will also help you fine-tune your landing page to be Google and Mobile friendly. Here is what we do:
  • During the first two weeks of your campaign, we check on the campaign daily and tweak anything that needs to be tweaked.
  • During the next two weeks of the campaign, we check on it twice a week.
  • We then check on it weekly and make any changes necessary.

We can help you with every aspect of your Google Ads campaigns including Search Advertising, Display Advertising, and even re-marketing (very important). This also includes Youtube marketing as well if you choose.

Please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions, etc. We look forward to helping you get the ROI from your Google Ads that you desire.

* Google Ads is a Trademark of Google, we have no affiliation with Google in any way.
* This pricing only applies to accounts with $1,500 or less in ad-spend with Google each month. Contact us for pricing if your ad spend is higher.

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