Clickbank – Biz In A Box

$49.00 / month and a $149.00 sign-up fee

Complete, fully-functional Clickbank products Business In A Box. Everything you need to get prospects buying the Clickbank products you promote

Are you struggling to get people to buy the Clickbank products you are promoting?

Most cold traffic needs to be nurtured as you build trust for them to complete a sign-up and learn more.

This is the complete Clickbank products Business in a box – it includes everything you need to get prospects to buy your Clickbank products except the traffic (which you can also get from us after it’s all set up).

Introducing Your Very Own Clickbank products Business In A Box.  A $399.00 per month value for $149.00 your first month then only $49 a month. 

Here is a list of everything you get:

  • Fully functional WordPress website with a built-in landing and squeeze page designer – $49.95 Monthly Value.
  • We design your first Clickbank based landing page/sales funnel (complete funnel) – designed to peak prospects interest into the Clickbank products you promote – $99 Value.
  • Google Analytics and Fully Functional, High-powered, SSD based web hosting (in other words – fast) – $50 Monthly Value.
  • All legal pages are created for you – $25 Value.
  • WordPress security and caching plugins to speed up your site – $100 value.
  • Our in-house hosted autoresponder system – $25 Monthly value.
  • Your first 7-days worth of emails written for you. These are geared towards helping prospects understand your Clickbank products and getting them to take further action (actually buy the Clickbank products you promote).

This is a huge value (Over $399) and we take all the technical work out of the equation for you, we handle every aspect of the technical setup, etc.


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