Solo Email Ads provide a scalable source of high-quality, laser target prospects.

Your Solo Email Ad can be in Thousands of Responsive Prospects’ In-boxes, starting in the next 24-48 hours.
We even design your email ad swipe at no cost.

Email advertising is one of the most effective and simple ways to drive high-quality, responsive, repeat prospects to your site or landing page on a consistent basis.

Your HTML/Text email can now be seen by a massive amount of potential customers.  Advanced technology delivers your email message right to the prospect’s inbox for optimal results.

Advanced email blast technology ensures that your advertisement is only shown to prospects who have previously expressed interest in your type of product or service by filling out a survey or conducting a search online.

Many successful business owners utilize solo email ads to generate leads, sales, downline members, etc. We have many different categories (niches) to choose from. Pick the option that best fits your type of website. If you don’t see a category that fits your niche, just choose the custom category and we’ll take care of it. We’ll also look at your site to make sure you picked it correctly.

Get the response you need, at a price you can afford:  Some email blast campaigns have an open rate as high as 10%+. With over 95% of our customers placing repeat orders, we feel confident that our cost-effective email marketing services will meet and exceed your expectations.

Response Rate Guarantee:  You choose how many clicks you want and we deliver that many and typically a 10-15% over-delivery amount.

100% Money-Back Guarantee: If you are looking to advance your business, then you must have a scalable source of prospects that you can use consistently. We have helped 100’s of successful business owners generate traffic, leads, sales, downline members, etc. on a consistent basis with solo email ads. Should you decide to utilize our Solo Email Ad Services, we fully stand by them and guarantee you will see results*.

Obviously, no one can guarantee you will make sales, etc. (and if they do run fast the other way), but we do know that we can get you high quality, laser targeted visitors to your website or landing page and we guarantee it (just ask).

Frequently Asked Questions About Solo Email Ads

  1. How does your Professional Ad Copy Design/Creation work?
    All you have to do is provide us with your Website or Opt-in Landing Page URL (IE.  We then take a look at it and write a High Quality, completely unique email adjust for you and your website.  We then send that to you for you to review/approve before we send it out.
  2. What percentage of the traffic will be Tier 1?
    95%+ of the solo ad clicks will be Tier 1 clicks with 99% of that being within the USA.
  3. How are click stats provided?
    We use a trusted 3rd party click stats provider and you will have access to that 24/7.
  4. Is this a solo ad?
    Yes, it is a solo ad.  Your ad is sent to the chosen prospects all by itself.  Simply choose the number of clicks and the category targeting.  You can design the ad or have us do it.  You can also choose the subject of the email message.
  5. How does this work?
    You provide us with an HTML/text email ad or have us design an eye-catching ad campaign for you (recommended).  We take that ad and send it out to your selected amount of prospects (our opt-in list).  It all goes through our servers, domains, etc.  There is nothing else you have to do except handle all of the responses, opt-ins, inquiries, sales, etc.
  6. Do you spam?  Are you Can-Spam Compliant?
    We do NOT spam.  All of these prospects are 100% opt-in leads who have filled out a form showing interest in the category you choose.  We comply with the Can-Spam Act in every way (Our Contact Information and our unsubscribe link).
  7. Will my email ad reach the inbox or go to the spam/bulk/junk folder?
    Advanced email technology makes sure your ad gets delivered to the inbox for optimal results.  Our optimal servers are all white or safe listed with all of the major ISP’s, etc.
  8. How do I track my campaign?
    We provide click stats for you under “My Account” on our website.  Just log in and click on the order.  If you want to track additional metrics for your site, we recommend using any number of click tracking or analytics software on the web today.
  9. What kind of results should I expect?
    While we can not guarantee any specific results in terms of sales, opt-ins, etc, you choose how many clicks you want and we deliver that with a 10-15% typical over-delivery.
  10. Should I design my own email message?
    This one really depends on you and how comfortable you feel with doing so.  We have been doing this for many years and have the experience of designing a good-performing email ad that gets opens and clicks.  We recommend having us design it for you, but if you are capable then, by all means, that is fine.  You can provide us with your email ad copy after the order is placed by replying to one of the order confirmation emails.
  11. How long does it take for my email ad to begin sending?
    Your email blast can usually begin within 1-2 business days after you place your order.  If you have us design your email ad, allow an additional business day for the initial draft and time for you to approve the message.  NOTE:  This time does not include the weekends and/or holidays.
  12. After my ad begins, how long does it take to finish?
    Email ads usually take around 2-10 days to complete sending, depending on the number of clicks selected.
  13. How old is the list that my ad will get blasted to?
    The email lists are only comprised of active prospects, both old and new.  As long as the prospects’ email is still good, it remains on the list. We maintain a high level of list hygiene, so the prospects are always active and responsive.  Bounced emails and unsubscribes are removed instantly and we are constantly adding new prospects to the lists daily.  We always make sure the lists are responsive to the offers being sent.
  14. Do You Accept Affiliate and/or rotator Links For The Solo Ad Blast?
    Yes, you may use and promote your affiliate link and/or rotator link in the email ad, this is what many of our customers do.

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