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Here’s how we generate our MLM and Business opportunity seeker leads:

Prospects go online and search how to start a home-based business or for a way to make money online. They see our ad in their search results or a banner ad while they are browsing online later.

They enter their information on our generic opt-in squeeze page. Instead of going to our generic thank you page, they go to your landing page instead.

You receive an email with the lead’s information in real-time. Email, call, or text them and add them to an automated follow-up sequence for best results.

You get the best of both worlds:

1) A guaranteed amount of MLM Leads you can follow up with.
2) Website traffic from those leads at the same time.

Take the guesswork out of whether your opt-in landing page will convert. Let our optimized landing pages generate leads for you on demand. This means you can send these prospects to a sales or informational page.

Welcome to the easy way to build your business and downline.

These hot prospects have already seen your offer and are usually very easy to convert. Follow up with these leads and they could be a gold mine for your business. These are perfect for emailing, calling, and texting.

Start growing your business today.

Frequently asked questions about the Real-Time Website Redirect MLM Leads:

  1. Do you have a Bad Lead Replacement Policy
    Yes, the best in the industry (Read The Full Policy In a new tab)
  2. How will I receive these MLM / Business Opportunity Seeker Leads:
    You will get a real-time notification email for each lead. They are also all downloadable in .CSV Format from Your Account on our site via a shared Google Sheet.
  3. What can I do with these leads?
    The short answer is anything you want, they are yours to keep. Use them in the Extreme Autoresponder (recommended). Either way, an automated drip sequence is a must-have follow-up tool.
  4. Which data points/fields come with these opt-in leads?
    The fields we collect are: Name, Email, and Phone (optional)
  5. Are these business opportunity seeker leads exclusive to me?
    Yes, these leads are exclusive to you for 7 days.

Start getting hot MLM Leads and website traffic in as little as 1-2 business days!

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