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Bulk emailing is definitely not for the faint of the heart and can be very tricky. A lot of people flat out consider it spam even though if done correctly it is not spam (we can help you do it correctly with no spam involved).

If you are considering getting started with bulk emailing than you’ll need a few things.

1) A good source of leads to email consistently.

2) A way to email to those leads safely with no spam involved.

That may sound easy but it’s not. Here is where we can help. First, we have several sources of bulk leads that you can use to solve problem #1:

* MLM Bizop Leads Feed – Get 50K-500K leads up to each week. This is a great source for a non-stop flow of good leads.

* 10 Million Bizop Seeker Cell Phone Leads – A huge bundle of aged leads that are still great to email and text to.

* MLM Genealogy/Buyer Lists – 4 huge lists that are proven buyers of an online business opportunity. We know these people opened up their wallet and whipped out their credit card to purchase something in Network Marketing.

* Our Original Lead Package – This used to get 7-8K bulk leads every day but we are now only getting about 4-5K leads in this feed daily. This is the one and only lead package we had when we started the Extreme Lead Program way back in 2004 ( my have we came a long way ).

Now to solve problem #2 you’ll need a way to send out an email to these leads safely. Most autoresponder systems you find online will NOT let you import leads like these and send emails to them. We have the solution to this! Here is the absolute best solution for contacting bulk leads in general via email:

Dedicated Emailing Server – This is a fully managed SMTP server that includes a front-end system for you to send out your marketing messages to bulk leads.

Let us put together a package deal for you to get you started sending your prospects messages in bulk ( all legal and no spam involved at all ).

If you have questions please contact us here or text us: (937) 230-8431

2 thoughts on “Bulk Email

  1. How are your leads doing conversion wise for your members?

    1. When used properly they are doing well for our customers. Pricing varies, check that by clicking each product link in this post. If you have any questions let us know, thank you.

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