12 Days Of Holiday Cheer 2020

Let the countdown of the 12 days of holiday cheer begin. Check this page daily through the end of the year for daily new special deals on MLM Leads, Solo Email Ads, SMS Text Ads, and more. Feel free to comment below on what kind of special deal you would like and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

The magical and crazy time of the Holidays is upon us. Call it Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, whatever you want, the time is near and it’s time to start the celebrations and crazy deals.

Day 12 Deal added on 12/24/2020:
* This doesn’t show up on our site anywhere (it’s there but very hard to find and not listed in the menu’s anywhere) so this is your chance to pick up a sweet deal on a 5M, 10M, or 15M solo email ad – Grab This Deal Here.

Day 11 Deal added on 12/23/2020:
* 500K Bizop Leads 64% Off (Plus we will send you an extra 1.5MM Lead manually with your order – won’t show on the site anywhere) – Grab This Deal Here.

Day 10 Deal added on 12/22/2020:
* 16K Push Ad Notification Clicks Every Month – Save $100 – Grab This Deal Here.

Day 9 Deal added on 12/21/2020:
* Small Heavy Hitter SMS Text Ad – 75K SMS Text Ads Monthly – Save $300 – Grab This Deal Here.

Day 8 Deal added on 12/20/2020:
* 50% Off full CRM/Autoresponder/Calendar Booking System/Page Builder/Funnel Builder/Two-way texting/Membership Site platform (yearly version) – Grab This Deal Here.

Day 7 Deal added on 12/19/2020:
* Never worry about website traffic/leads/sales ever again. More traffic than most people even know what to do with. Get This Deal Here.

Day 6 Deal added on 12/18/2020:
* Get our Dedicated SMTP Server which includes our CRM Interface and we’ll throw in these 4 MLM Genealogy Buyer Lists at Zero Cost! This won’t show up on the site anywhere but when we set up your CRM/Server we will get you links to download the leads as well for FREE. Grab This Deal Here.

Day 5 deal added on 12/17/2020:
* Custom Phone Interviewed Leads – 25% off the first round of any package (MUST USE this Coupon CODE on the checkout page: 9ZCJCE5E) – Get This Deal Here

Day 4 deal added on 12/16/2020:
* Heavy Hitter Solo Email Ad (50M Email Sent Every Month – 50,000 clicks monthly) – Save $500/mth – Get This Deal Here

Day 3 Deal added on 12/15/2020:
* 45K SMS Texts Sent Monthly – Save $120 – Get It Here

Day 1 and Day 2 Deals added on 12/14/2020:
* Solo Ads – 100% Bonus On Any Package (minus the heavy hitters) – Get It Here
* SMS Text Ads – 10% Bonus On Any Package (minus heavy hitters) – Get It Here
* Contextual Ads – 50% Bonus On Any Package (minus heavy hitters) – Get It Here
* Push Notification Ads – 10% Bonus On Any Package (minus heavy hitters) – Get It Here
* Small Heavy Hitter Solo Ad – Best Deal Ever – Get It Here

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  1. I just sent a text message to you at 937-230-8431, it said I want to get the 10 million leads sent to the cell phones and I want you company to do it. I also need a prcie.

  2. I see you offer tons of MLM leads, and as you know, autoresponds will not allow us to import those leads into their system. So how do we use the leads?

  3. I’ve been leaving messages —- and still haven’t been able to talk to anybody. I want to get the 10 million leads sent to the cell phones. I need a price for that. I’ve sent several text messages and haven’t heard from anybody. I need to hear back from somebody or I’m going to have to go to a different Company to help me with my Advertising needs. I need to talk to a live person and not these chat windows.

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